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Visit to a Small Planet

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Visit to a Small Planet (1960) starring Jerry Lewis, Earl Holliman, Joan Blackwell, Fred Clark
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Visit to a Small Planet (1960) starring Jerry Lewis, Earl Holliman, Joan Blackwell, Fred Clark

In Visit to a Small Planet, space alien Jerry Lewis is curious about humanity. He parks his spaceship in the backyard of a skeptic. They both get a glimpse of a world they’ll never forget! Based on the play by Gore Vidal.

Comedy highlights

  • Repeated – people running into his force field
  • Reading people’s minds and revealing embarrassing thoughts
  • Walking up the wall after his first drink.
  • Talking to Rags the dog, and later the cat. And then having them kiss and make up!
  • Messing with the traffic cops.
  • Going to the “Hungry Brain”, a beatnik hangout. His reaction to Desdemona’s “sad” song — that only he understands. And then dancing with her.


  • Jerry Lewis (Cinderfella) … Kreton. The stranger from outer space, with advanced powers of telepathy and telekinesis, among others. Although his people have forsaken passion, among other things, long ago. And falling in love with Ellen causes multiple issues.
  • Joan Blackman (Blue Hawaii) … Ellen Spelding
  • Earl Holliman (Forbidden Planet) … Conrad. Ellen’s boyfriend, whom Roger dislikes strongly.
  • Fred Clark (Auntie MamaWhite Heat) … Maj. Roger Putnam Spelding. The TV personality, convinced that there’s no life on other planets. Until Kreton comes to visit.
  • John Williams (Dial M for MurderSabrina) … Delton. Kreton’s suffering teacher. Who keeps monitoring Kreton … And interfering when necessary.
  • Jerome Cowan (Miracle on 34th StreetHigh Sierra) … George Abercrombie. Roger’s boss, whom Kreton blackmails.
  • Gale Gordon (Here’s LucyThe Lucy Show) … Bob Mayberry. The host of the masquerade party. In contrast to Roger, he believes that life on another planet is a distinct possibility. And, he’s looking out for their invasion! He tries to warn the authorities about Kreton, but Kreton makes that impossible. Likewise, his attempts to photograph Kreton backfire with slapstick comedy.
  • Lee Patrick (Mildred Pierce) … Rheba Spelding. Roger’s wife, Ellen’s mother.
  • Milton Frome (The Nutty ProfessorPies and Guys) … Police Commissioner
  • Ellen Corby (The WaltonsI Remember Mama) … Mrs. Mabel Mayberry. Bob’s wife.
  • Barbara Bostock … Desdemona – Beatnik Dancer. A very funny extended scene at the beatnik café.

Editorial review of Visit to a Small Planet courtesy of Amazon

Newly re-mastered in HD! Comedy legend Jerry Lewis (Don t Give Up the Ship) stars as Kreton, the wackiest alien to ever visit planet earth. When Kreton s fascination with earthlings gets the better of him, he breaks one of his planet’s laws and speeds off to visit the blue planet. Once there, Kreton encounters a nice family who kindly takes him in; the patriarch is a famous television journalist who prior to meeting Kreton had aired a piece in which he ridiculed all notions of extraterrestrials. Kreton wants to study humans, but does not fully understand them and ends up making a mess of things using his many fantastic powers which leads to a series of classic Lewis gags and routines. 

Norman Taurog (Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine) directs this comedy classic based on a Gore Vidal (The Left Handed Gun) play with stellar cinematography by Loyal Griggs (Shane). The stellar supporting cast includes Joan Blackman (Blue Hawaii), Earl Holliman (Sons of Katie Elder), Fred Clark (Daddy Long Legs), John Williams (Witness for the Prosecution), Jerome Cowan (Driftwood) and Gale Gordon (Here s Lucy). Oscar® Nominee for Best Art Direction.

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