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Funny Bones

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Funny Bones, starring Lee Evans, Jerry Lewis, Oliver Platt
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Funny Bones, directed by Peter Chelsom (Hear My Song), is a weird but intriguing comedy with a particularly dark edge. Oliver Platt plays a would-be comedian, the son of a major comedy star (Jerry Lewis); Dad’s reputation even overshadows his son’s Las Vegas debut. After that flop the son tries to go back to his roots and heads for his father’s launch pad in Blackpool, England. There, he meets his previously unknown half-brother (Lee Evans), a bizarre comedy savant who teaches him a thing or two about taking risks to get laughs, and discovers a secret about how his father got started. Platt is likably lost and Lewis is perfectly overbearing, but the real find here is Evans, a rubber-faced, protean comic with always-surprising material. –Marshall Fine

Product Description of Funny Bones

Acclaimed by critics everywhere for its zany comedy and terrific cast, FUNNY BONES is big laughs for everyone! Struggling in the shadow of his famous comedian father (world-renowned entertainer Jerry Lewis), a young comic (Oliver Platt — THE THREE MUSKETEERS, GUN SHY) retreats to his old hometown when his act bombs in Las Vegas. Ready to try anything for inspiration, he’s in for more than a few surprises before learning that his own eccentric family is the best material for a perfect act! You’ll want to discover for yourself this uncommon comedy treat that’s packed with unforgettable fun!

Funny movie quotes from Funny Bones

Nicky (Peter Gunn): Where were you born?
Jack Parker (Lee Evans): Blackpool.
Nicky (Peter Gunn): Why Blackpool?
Jack Parker (Lee Evans): I wanted to be near to my mother.
Nicky (Peter Gunn): Have you lived in Blackpool all your life?
Jack Parker (Lee Evans): Not yet.

Stanley Sharkey: It’s all getting very French. And I don’t like it.

Tommy Fawkes (Oliver Platt): Why do all the best things in life belong to the past?

Cast of characters

Updated May 10, 2022

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