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Missile to the Moon

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Missile to the Moon (1958) starring Richard Travis, Cathy Downs
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Missile to the Moon (1958) starring Richard Travis, Cathy Downs

Product Description 

A beloved camp classic from the golden drive-in era! Two escaped cons stowaway on a flight to the moon and discover a race of alien women ruled by a fierce and sadistic queen. Featuring some hilarious “special” effects, including a marionette spider and foam rubber Rock Men, Missile to the Moon is a fun, campy trip. Restored and in color for the first time!

Silly things

Execution chamber with the "scary" giant spider
  • Meteor shower on the way to the moon (as in 12 to the Moon)
  • Hearing things on the airless moon.
  • Rock monsters!
  • Air on the moon ( as in Cat-Women on the Moon)
  • Hair pulling cat fight (mistaken identity)
  • Moon populated with lovely women.
  • Moon spider!

Cast of characters

  • Richard Travis (Mesa of Lost Women) … Steve Dayton.
  • Cathy Downs (The Dark Corner, The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues) … June Saxton. Steve’s fiancee. Like Steve, she accidentally joins the expedition. Gary tries to force his “affections” on her during the trip, accidentally causing Dirk’s death. And, he’s crazy over the wealth of the moon diamonds he can bring back …. If he lives that long.
  • K.T. Stevens (Kitty Foyle) … The Lido. The blind leader of the last lunar people.
  • Tommy CookGary Fennell. Escaped convict, a nasty individual.
  • Nina BaraAlpha. Dirk’s long-waiting fiancee. When she finds out that Steve’s been impersonating him, she wants all the other Earthers killed. And then tries to usurp The Lito’s authority. And, sets a (very fake) spider monster on the escaping humans. And uses mind control on Steve …. And then literally stabs The Lido in the back!
  • Gary ClarkeLon. Nicer of the two escaped convicts. He falls in love with Zema, one of the moon maidens.
  • Michael Whalen (The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues) … Dirk Green. The brains behind the moon ship. Unknown to the others, he has a special reason for going to the moon.
  • Laurie Mitchell (The Queen of Outer Space, Attack of the Puppet People) … Lambda.
  • Leslie Parrish (Three on a Couch, Li’l Abner) … Zema. The moon maiden who befriends the Earthers, and falls in love with Lon. And stands up to Alpha, to save them. And dies in a heroic sacrifice.
  • Henry Hunter … Col. Wickers
  • Lee Roberts … Sheriff Cramer

Moon Girls

Mood maidens in "Missile to the Moon"
  • Patricia Winters … Moon Girl
  • Tania Velia … Moon Girl
  • Sanita Pelkey … Moon Girl
  • Lisa Simone … Moon Girl
  • Marianne Gaba … Moon Girl
  • Renate Hoy … Moon Girl
  • Mary Ford … Moon Girl

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