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Cat-Women of the Moon

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Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) starring Sonny Tufts, Marie Windsor
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Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) starring Sonny Tufts, Marie Windsor

The Cat-Women of the Moon want to escape their dying Lunar caves. And escape to the Earth, where they plan to enslave all the men! Unless our scientific expedition to the Moon can stop them …


Buy from Amazon With a title like Cat-Women of the Moon, you’d expect a cheesy, bad science fiction movie from the 1950’s. And you’d be right! It’s cheesy, and so bad that it’s enjoyable. Also, ridiculously sexist. How sexist is it?

Helen Salinger: [on being told that she can’t come on the trip to the moon] Someone’s got to cook your meals for you!

Yes, that sexist. And it gets worse. But on the other hand, the titular Cat-Women have multiple advantages. In addition to being beautiful and young, they’re ageless, and telepathic. And heartless, as the male members of the crew will find out. And the sole female member of the crew is telepathically induced to join them.

Eyes of the leader of the Cat-Women

Alpha: Four of us will be enough. We will get their women under our power, and soon we will rule the whole world!

While exploring the moon, they’re led to an ancient civilization. Helen disappears, they’re attacked by Cat-Women, and their space suits are stolen. Helen is summoned to Alpha’s presence, where the Cat-Women unravel their story — and plan.

Beta: We have no use for men!

Clearly, there’s conflict coming. Once they learn how to run the ship, they plan to kill the men, escape to Earth, and …. Rule the world! But the best-laid plans of mice and Cat-Women often go astray …

Things they got right

  • G-force upon lift-off.
  • Realize that there can’t be water on the moon, because the gravity’s too low — not to mention there’s insufficient atmosphere. Of course, this being a movie, in the moon cave, there’s both.
  • Actually, finding an ancient alien civilization on the moon makes perfect sense. Since Helen’s leading the way, and she in turn’s being telepathically led by the mysterious Alpha.

Things they got wrong

  • Meteorite strike on the surface of the moon. It looks pretty, though.

Things they got hilariously wrong

Beware the blatantly fake moon spider!
  • Bringing cigarettes to the moon?
  • The light side of the moon is so hot, cigarettes burn to ashes in a second.
  • Discovering that there’s atmosphere in the moon cave, they decide to take helmets off and breathe it!
  • The “hideous” moon spider! I kind of feel sorry for the (blatantly fake) spider. After all, it’s simply living in its cave, when total strangers invade and kill it! Rest In Peace, moon spider.


Publicity photo of Sonny Tufts kissing Marie Windsor, while the Cat-Women of the Moon look on …
Publicity photo of Sonny Tufts kissing Marie Windsor, while the Cat-Women of the Moon look on …
  • Sonny Tufts (The Seven Year Itch) … Laird Grainger. Pilot, leader of the expedition. In love with Helen.
  • Victor Jory (Gone with the Wind) … Kip Reissner. Member of the expedition, co-pilot. He and Helen have a romantic moment, which brings Helen out of the Cat-Women’s mental control. But only for a moment.
  • Marie Windsor (The Day Mars Invaded Earth, Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy) … Helen Salinger. Navigator. Female human astronaut, who’s “influenced” by the Cat-Women. She’s Lard’s girl, although Kip has affection for her as well.
  • Susan MorrowLambda. One of the Cat-Women, who falls in love with Doug. But, Alpha’s ordered her to kill him … But she’s willing to risk her life for true love …
  • Douglas Fowley (Scared to Death) … Walter ‘Walt’ Walters. Engineer. More than a little hungry for money. Anybody want to buy an authentic moon postcard? Also, more than a little sexist. “You’re too smart for me, baby. I like ’em stupid.” His greed leads to his death …
  • William Phipps (War of the Worlds, Cinderella) … Douglas ‘Doug’ Smith. Radio operator.
  • Carol Brewster (The Barkleys of Broadway) … Alpha. Leader of the Cat-Women. She first contacts Helen on the trip to the moon. And after they land, she controls her mentally.
  • Bette Arlen (The Lieutenant Wore Skirts) … Cat-Woman.
  • Suzanne AlexanderBeta.
  • Roxann DelmanCat-Woman
  • Ellye Mravak (Champagne for Caesar) … Cat-Woman
  • Judy WalshCat-Woman

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An expedition to the moon discovers a subterranean cavern of ferocious, love-starved cat-women who have not seen men in centuries. This is probably why they are ferocious. The air supply is escaping from the caves and the moon maidens must capture the crew and escape to Earth. An Atomic Age classic with legendary sultry “noir” star Marie Windsor and the purr-fectly sexy “cat-women.”

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