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The Day Mars Invaded Earth

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The Day Mars Invaded Earth (1963), starring Kent Taylor, Marie Windsor
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The Day Mars Invaded Earth (1963), starring Kent Taylor, Marie Windsor

 buy The Day Mars Invaded Earth from amazon.comThe Day Mars Invaded Earth isn’t a cheesy monster movie — but a subtle one. It’s an invasion that happens so gradually, that the characters, and the audience, isn’t sure at first that anything is going on. It’s in the vein of  Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but in my opinion, more subtle, and therefore more frightening.If you think “ashes in the pool,” you’re thinking of this movie — and if that means nothing to you, that simply means that you haven’t seen the movie yet.  And I won’t spoil your viewing pleasure by explaining what that means in this review.

The Day Mars Invaded Earth (1963), starring Kent Taylor, Marie Windsor

Synopsis of  The Day Mars Invaded Earth

An American scientist (Kent Taylor) has been away from his wife (Marie Windsor) and children for many months, while working with a team to launch the first probe to land on Mars — which stops working moments after landing. He returns home, trying to repair strained relationships with his family, when strange little things begin occurring — do they have something to do with Mars?

Review of  The Day Mars Invaded Earth

It’s no spoiler to inform you that Mars is, indeed, invading Earth — it’s in the movie title, after all — and frankly, it’s hard to fault the motivations of the Martians. They’re quite aware of how humanity treats natives when they colonize, and they have no intention of suffering at the hands of humanity. However, the Martians are cold, emotionless … and merciless. I don’t want to give anything away and spoil the movie. I  will say that it’s an excellent movie, well worth watching. It doesn’t end on a hopeful note, which in itself is exceptional for a movie made in 1963.

Cast of characters

  • Kent Taylor (Five Came Back) … Dr. David Fielding. The chief scientist,, in charge of the failed project. He truly loves his wife, and wants to repair his strained relationship with her & their children.
  • Marie Windsor (Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy) … Claire Fielding. David’s wife. She feels neglected …. With good reason.
  • William Mims … Dr. Web Spencer. David’s co-worker on the project.
  • Betty Beall … Judi Fielding. Their teenage daughter.
  • Lowell Brown … Frank Hazard
  • Gregg Shank … Rocky Fielding. Their your son.
  • Henrietta Moore … Miss Moore
  • Troy Melton … Police Officer
  • George Riley … Cab Driver

Movie quotes from  The Day Mars Invaded Earth

Dr. Web Spencer: It’s not every day we make a successful landing on Mars.

Judi Fielding: Daughter tells parents about her new friend Frank. “He’s a Bacteriology major at USC.”
Claire Fielding: Later when the kids are going to a lecture, Mom is excited and asks: “What’s this seminar about?”
Judi Fielding: Enzyme induction in E. coli.
Claire Fielding: Mom quickly loses interest. “Oh.”

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