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Creation of the Humanoids

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The Creation of the Humanoids
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In Creation of the Humanoids, the survivors of a nuclear holocaust are struggling for survival. The need the help of their android servants. But one segment of society distrusts, and hates, the androids.

Creation of the Humanoids (1962) starring Don Megowan, Maxine Megan


Creation of the Humanoids is an enjoyable, short science fiction movie. It’s set in a post-nuclear war apocalypse. Humanity has all but driven itself to extermination. And, there’s not enough workers to do the necessary jobs. So, they’ve created a workforce of androids. But they’re so advanced, they’re nearly human. To the point of being able to intermarry with human beings! Which some people don’t like.

Capt. Kenneth Cragis: And *you*, you imposter, I’ll have your memory pulled so fast you’ll never forget it!

It’s an interesting story, dealing with the subject of racism in a subtle way.

  • The sets are minimalist, almost art nouveau style. Which works well for the story.


  • Don Megowan (The Werewolf) … Captain Kenneth Cragis, aka. “The Cragis”. The anti-android bigot, and protagonist. He belongs to a Naziesque anit-android movement, “The Order of Flesh and Blood”. Their activities include bombings of buildings. His day job involves finding ways to extend human life span …. Since the human race is within generations of extinction, due to the radiation. He meets his sister’s friend, and begins falling in love with her.
  • Erica Elliott (Ripcord) … Maxine Megan. Esme’s friend, who comes to visit her early in the morning, to celebrate her “rapport” with Pax. She shows an interest in Cragis. She was an unwilling victim of one of The Order’s bombings …. But she’s uninjured. Isn’t she?
  • Frances McCann … Esme Cragis Milos. Cragis’ sister. A kind, beautiful, loving woman. In many ways, the opposite of her brother. She’s in “rapport” with her android, Pax.
  • Don Doolittle … Dr. Raven. The scientist, responsible for the continuing improvements of the androids. The most recent models, R96, are nearly identical to humans.
  • David Cross (The Magic Sword) … Pax. Esme’s android, and not-quite-husband. They’re in “rapport” with each other.
  • Richard Vath (Red Snow) … Mark
  • Reid Hammond … Hart
  • Malcolm Smith … Court
  • George Milan … Acto. One of the leaders of the androids, aka. “clickers”.
  • Dudley Manlove (Plan 9 from Outer Space) … Lagan

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Creation of the Humanoids: Following a catastrophic nuclear war, mankind creates a race of blue-skinned androids to assist in the reconstruction of civilization. Disparagingly referred to as “Clickers,” the robots grow more intelligent and human-like. To stop their evolution and to preserve their own rule, a fanatical group called The Order of Flesh and Blood is created. Are the robots really man’s enemy or his last hope for survival? Featuring cinematography by Academy Award winner Hal Mohr, and makeup by famed artist Jack P. Pierce (Frankenstein, The Mummy), this philosophical science fiction drive-in classic was rumored to have been a favorite of pop artist Andy Warhol.

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