The Man From Planet X

The Man from Planet X (1951) starring Robert Clarke, Margaret Field, Raymond Bond, William Schallert
The Man from Planet X (1951) starring Robert Clarke, Margaret Field, Raymond Bond, William Schallert Synopsis of The Man from Planet X The Man from Planet X. To study a rogue planet heading for a near-miss with Earth, Prof. Elliot sets up an observatory on the foggy moors of...
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Blondie Knows Best

Blondie Knows Best (1946) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Jerome Cowan, Shemp Howard In Blondie Knows Best, Dagwood’s best intentions go wrong. He impersonates J. C. Dithers to save a valuable sale, but then has to keep going a little father …
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Visit to a Small Planet

Visit to a Small Planet (1960) starring Jerry Lewis, Earl Holliman, Joan Blackwell, Fred Clark In Visit to a Small Planet, space alien Jerry Lewis is curious about humanity. He parks his spaceship in the backyard of a skeptic. They both get a glimpse of a world they’ll never forget!...
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That’s What I Like [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to That’s What I Like. Music by Jule Styne, Lyrics by Bob Hilliard. Sung by Dean Martin in Living It Up. In Living It Up, we first meet small town doctor Dean Martin, strumming on his guitar and singing a love ballad to a photograph of...
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Battle Beyond the Stars

Battle Beyond the Stars (1980), starring Richard Thomas, John Saxon, Morgan Woodward, George Peppard, Sybil Danning, Robert Vaughn directed by Roger Corman Review In short, Battle Beyond the Stars is Roger Corman’s cheesy rip off, trying to cash in on the popularity of Star Wars. Cross Star Wars...
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Blondie’s Holiday

Blondie’s Holiday (1947) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake Normally, it’s Dagwood that causes the trouble. But in Blondie’s Holiday, it’s Blondie’s turn. She lets her pride cause the trouble. She lets her old high school friend Paul Madison think that Dagwood’s getting a $250/week raise — when it’s...
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The Lady is a Tramp [song lyrics]

Song lyrics The Lady is a Tramp, (1937). Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Lorenzo Hart. Written for the musical Babes in Arms. The Lady is a Tramp is a classic song. It deals with the singer, rejecting the hoi polloi of the upper crust. She rejects their...
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The Ballad of Cat Ballou [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to The Ballad of Cat Ballou, Written by Mack David and Jerry Livingston. Performed by Stubby Kaye & Nat ‘King’ Cole in Cat Ballou. Well now friends just lend an earFor you’re now about to hearThe ballad of Cat Ballou-ouIt’s a song that’s newly madeAnd Professor...
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