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Movie quotes from The Leopard Man

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Movie quotes from Val Lewton's The Leopard Man
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Movie quotes from Val Lewton’s The Leopard Man

[first lines]
Kiki Walker (Jean Brooks): It may sound like music to her. I can do better with my teeth in a cold shower.

Charlie How-Come (Abner Biberman): You don’t get the idea, mister. These cops banging those pans, flashing those lights, they’re gonna scare that poor cat of mine. Cats are funny, mister. They don’t want to hurt you, but if you scare them they go crazy. These cops, they don’t know what they’re doing.

Teresa Delgado (Margaret Landry): I’ll pay you tomorrow.

Manuel – Grocer: Next time you come. Poor don’t cheat one another. We’re all poor together.

Teresa Delgado (Margaret Landry): Mamacita, let me in! Let me in! Let me in! If you love me, let me in!

Eloise: Don’t take this personally Miss Walker, but it’s ironic – I mean, you being a big star and me being a cigarette girl.

Kiki Walker (Jean Brooks): I know, I know. You got the talent and I got the breaks. I heard it in every nightclub.

Jerry Manning (Dennis O’Keefe): I thought you’d might like to strut the kitten right in the middle of her act.

Eloise: If you got cold feet honey, I’ll take over for you. That little red dress of yours fits me just perfect.

Kiki Walker (Jean Brooks): Someday you’ll try on my coffin and I hope it fits you just perfect.

Eloise: This is a bad town for blondes.

Eloise: [referring to Jerry] Wish he’d “Front Page” for me.

Maria – Fortune Teller (Isabel Jewell): You will meet a rich man and he will give you money.

Clo-Clo (Margo): You and your cards! ‘Meet a rich man’. I look for them with money. And what rich man hasn’t money? And for what was I born, if not for money? You’re not telling me anything.

Jerry Manning (Dennis O’Keefe): Don’t you want to see what I cooked up?

Kiki Walker (Jean Brooks): That’s easy – me!

Jerry Manning (Dennis O’Keefe): I thought… Is Kiki just gonna walk out there tonight? Just walk out on the floor cold in front of a bunch of ‘gawkes’? That I think a Spanish twirler is the greatest thing in life? No. Not my client. She’s gonna make an entrance that this towns gonna remember for the rest of their lives.

Kiki Walker (Jean Brooks): [referring to the leopard] On his back I suppose!

Kiki Walker (Jean Brooks): [to Jerry] We’re not going to catch a train, Darling – we’re going to stay right here and catch a murderer.

Jerry Manning (Dennis O’Keefe): Must get lonely here.

Cemetery Gatekeeper: No.I have many friends… but they don’t bother me with talk.

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