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The Slime People

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The Slime People (1963) starring Robert Hutton, Les Tremayne

The Slime People – a cheesy, bad 1960’s monster movie – one of those movies perfect to sit with a group of friends & mock mercilessly!


A subterranean race of creatures – the slime people – are forced out of their underground home by atomic testing. They’re immune to gunfire, since the bullet holes seal quickly ?!? And, they’ve got a machine to create “solid fog”. And, this is apparently enough to cause the military to evacuate Los Angeles! Except for a few people, who band together to fight the “monsters” in this cheesy monster movie.

One of the slime people – are you terrified?


To begin with: The Slime People is a cheesy, bad, cheaply made monster movie. It’s entertaining, but it clearly has its flaws. The acting is okay, but not great. The idea of the primitive people being able to make a dome of fog, covering Los Angeles, making it harder than rock, and lowering the temperature of the city to make it more livable …. Is just silly.


  • Robert Hutton (They Came from Beyond Space) … Tom Gregory. TV broadcaster. He’s piloting his small plane, forced to land in Los Angeles. He finds the city deserted, due to the slime people invasion. He soon meets up with other survivors.
  • Les Tremayne (War of the Worlds, The Story of Ruth) … Norman Tolliver
  • Robert Burton (I was a Teenage Frankenstein) … Professor Galbraith. He was in the mountains with his daughter when the invasion started.
  • Susan Hart (War-Gods of the Deep) … Lisa Galbraith. The professor’s lovely teenage daughter, who needs to be rescued by Tom. Little more than eye candy, unfortunately.
  • William BoyceCal Johnson. Marine, separated from his unit. Flirting with Bonnie.
  • Judee MortonBonnie Galbraith. Flirting with Cal. The professor’s other lovely daughter.
  • John Close … KTTV Reporter Vince Williams

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“Golden Turkey” fans, attention! It’s a veritable voyage to the bottom of the sci-fi barrel as prehistoric “Slime People” emerge from the sewers of Los Angeles! The atom-age U.S. army is no match for this small band of spear-toting boogeymen and the city is evacuated.

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