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The She-Creature

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The She-Creature (1956) starring Chester Morris, Tom Conway
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The She-Creature – an evil hypnotist regresses a beautiful young woman to her prehistoric form – and uses the creature for murder!

The She-Creature (1956) starring Chester Morris, Tom Conway

Product Description

The lovely assistant of a mysterious and evil hypnotist has no idea that she is the descendant of a horrifying prehistoric sea monster, which she reverts into when she is mesmerized by her boss. When the monster comes forth, she goes on a killing spree.

A promoter learns about the hypnotist’s shenanigans and figures a way to cash in on the death and destruction. Meanwhile, each time the assistant is hypnotized and the monster emerges, she is able to better control it until, at last, the monster turns on its creator.


  • Chester Morris (Five Came Back) … Dr. Carlo Lombardi. The mad scientist hypnotist who forces his unwilling assistant, Andrea, to regress to past lives. And he can bring her past selves to the present, “substance without form”. A gaseous ectoplasm. But he can also turn it very solid. And, very homicidal.
  • Tom Conway (The Seventh Victim) … Timothy Chappel. The man with the money
  • Cathy Downs (The Dark Corner) … Dorothy Chappel. Nice rich girl, whom Ted spurns in favor of Andrea.
  • Lance FullerDr. Ted Erickson. The “good” hypnotist, who’s trying to solve the murders, prevent Carlo from doing more damage, and rescue Andrea. Initially a skeptic …
  • Ron RandellPolice Lt. Ed James. The frustrated policeman. Can’t blame him for being frustrated.
  • Frieda Inescort (The Return of the Vampire, Alligator People) … Mrs. Chappel. Dorothy’s ditzy mother.
  • Marla EnglishAndrea. The lovely young lady, she’s the subject of the evil hypnotist’s experiment.

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