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The Blob (1958), starring Steve McQueen, Aneta Corsaut
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The Blob (1958), starring Steve McQueen, Aneta Corsaut

The Blob is a cult classic. It follows the havoc wreaked on a small town by creature from outer space. A creature that eats everything in its’ path, animal and human alike. Steve McQueen plays the rebelious teenager who tries to warn the town about the creature. Strong performances and ingenious special effects make The Blob a science fiction classic.


The Blob is a classic for many reasons. It’s well acted, well done, with a conflict that everyone can identify with. Not the amorphous monster from outer space with an unquenchable appetite. The struggle to be believed. At it’s core, there’s a good-hearted teenager, played by Steve McQueen, who’s trying to get people to believe him. He sees the creature. He takes it’s first victim to a doctor for treatment. Later, he sees the destruction caused by the creature at the doctor’s office. But the police don’t believe his story of a fantastic blob that’s eating people.

Steve Andrews: I saw this thing kill Doc Hallen tonight. [all the kids are shocked] That’s right.
Tony Gressette: What is it?
Steve Andrews: I don’t know, but one thing’s for certain, if it can kill Doctor Hallen, it can kill somebody else.
Al: Well what do you want us to do, Steve?
Steve Andrews: All right, we’re going to find this thing, and we’re going to make people believe us.


  • Steve McQueen (The Great Escape) … Steve Andrews. Young man, with an interest in astronomy. While making out with his girlfriend at lookout point, they see a meteor. While chasing it, they find the old man — the Blob’s first victim. They take him to Doctor Hallen. But, the Blob’s hunger isn’t sated …. Later, he can’t get any of the adult authority figures to believe him. And the body count keeps growing …
  • Aneta Corsaut (The Andy Griffith Show) … Jane Martin.
  • Earl Rowe (Ryans Hope) … Lt. Dave
  • Olin Howland (Them!) … Old Man. The Blob’s first victim.
  • Stephen Chase (When Worlds Collide) … Dr. T. Hallen. He tries to help the Old Man. But when Steve & the police return, the place is a shambles, and he’s not there …
  • John Benson (Route 66) … Sgt. Jim Bert
  • George Karas … Officer Ritchie
  • Lee Payton … Kate the Nurse. Presumed also eaten by the Blob.
  • Elbert Smith (4D Man) … Henry Martin
  • Hugh Graham … Mr. Andrews
  • Vincent Barbi … George – Cafe Owner. An overall nice man …. Until his fear takes over.

Editorial review of The Blob courtesy of

What would the average sensible American do if he encountered a pulsing ball of protoplasm from outer space? That”s right: he”d poke it with a stick. Thus begins the endearingly earnest and silly tale of The Blob. Young Steve McQueen takes on his first leading role as, um, Steve, a spunky teenager with plenty of heart. Steve sees the blob kill the local doc, but darn it, none of the town”s adults will believe him! Yup, it”s up to the teens to save the day! Steve and his trusty girlfriend Jane break their curfews(!) and head off into the night to find the Blob and warn the town.

The Blob is a completely enjoyable watch from start to finish, offering the triple pleasures of 1950s morals, gee-whiz acting, and a whole lotta extras running around and screaming. The special effects, though primitive, certainly get the job done, and it is still a treat to watch the Blob ooze its way to its next meal. You may notice that the theme song is surprisingly bouncy for a horror flick (“Beware of the Blob! It creeps, and leaps, and glides and slides across the floor”). It was written by Hal David and a fresh young composer by the name of Burt Bacharach

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