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Night of the Blood Beast

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Night of the Blood Beast (1958) starring Michael Emmet, Angela Greene
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In Night of the Blood Beast, an astronaut returns from space — dead. The base that recovered him is then cut off from the outside world by an unseen alien. Then, the dead astronaut revives! But his body’s an incubator for alien life forms …

Night of the Blood Beast (1958) starring Michael Emmet, Angela Greene

Roger Corman made a lot of low-budget monster movies in the 1950’s and 1960’s. They did well at the drive-ins, partly because despite the low budget, they dealt with characters that the audience cared for. That’s the case in Night of the Blood Beast.

Product Description 

The first man into space is killed during his re-entry to Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists sent to investigate the wreckage discover evidence of an extraterrestrial stowaway alongside the astronaut’s corpse. This insidious force from outer space reanimates the dead man’s body, using it as a breeding ground for alien embryos. The horrified scientists take refuge in a remote research station while the blood beast picks them off one by one. In a fiery, other-worldly climax the monster reveals his intentions in a dramatic confrontation between the space invader and the forces of Earth.

Cast of characters

  • Michael Emmet (Attack of the Giant Leeches) … Major John Corcoran. The dead astronaut, mysteriously revived. Sadly, he finds out that he’s being used as a breeding ground for aliens, and ends the movie with a heroic sacrifice.
  • Angela Greene (Futureworld) … Dr. Julie Benson. Base physician as well as John’s fiancée. She’s stunned that, despite having heartbeat, his corpse has normal blood pressure. She’s far more stunned when he gets up, seemingly alive!
  • John Baer (We’re No Angels) … Steve Dunlap. Technician.
  • Ed Nelson (Soldier in the Rain) … Dave Randall. Technician from the nearby space agency. With Donna, he finds & recovers the crashed ship, and corpse of John.
  • Tyler McVey (Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N.) … Dr. Alex Wyman. Lead scientist for the program. Later decapitated by the Creature, which then eats his brain! To communicate with the humans.
  • Georgianna CarterDonna Bixby
  • Ross SturlinThe Creature
Heroic sacrifice at the conclusion of “Night of the Blood Beast”

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