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Atragon (1963) starring Ken Uehara, Jun Tazaki
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Atragon (1963) starring Ken Uehara, Jun Tazaki

In Aragon, strange occurrences are taking place all around the world. It turns out that the Mu Empire, an ancient underground civilization that disappeared 12,000 years earlier, are responsible. They are plotting to reclaim the surface world, with their advanced technology. As the attacks by the Muans increase the surface world has only one hope to fight back…

Review of Atragon

Aragon is a cheesy, delightful monster movie from the early 1960’s. The basic plot has an ancient civilization that sunk under the ocean waves (Mu, not Atlantis) declaring war on the surface world. They’re causing chaos, and the only hope that the surface world has is a long-lost warship. At the end of World War II, the captain of a Japanese warship refused to surrender. Instead, he and his crew disappeared. His daughter has been raised by his old friend and commanding officer. And now they’re looking for him, in hopes his rumored, mysterious super ship can stop the Mu Empire.

Of course, they eventually find him and his super weapon, the Atragon. An incredibly advanced submarine, that boars through the Earth and flies through the air! And has advanced freeze weapon technology.

It’s a silly idea, but fun. It’s executed, with several subplots.

  • The captain’s daughter feels abandoned by her father.
  • She’s falling in love with a young man — whom her father may not approve of.
  • The Mu Empire has a spy who gets close to her, to kidnap her, and prevent the Atragon from being used against them.
  • She, and other kidnapped people, make a daring escape. And take the Mu Empress with them! If they can make it past the sea monster …

Product Description

Only earth’s most powerful weapon can stop an ancient menace! A gripping sci-fi action thriller by the creative forces behind the original Godzilla series. Directed by the great Ishiro Honda, musical score by Akira Ifukube and SFX genius Eiji Tsuburaya. The earth shakes violently. The tremors are caused by the undersea Mu Empire, a sinister dominion seeking to reclaim their rule above the sea with the aid of their god, Manda, a giant sea serpent dragon! The earth’s hopes rest on Captain Jinguji and his super submarine Atragon to stop the Muans.

The captain has no interest in fighting the undersea empire until they abduct his daughter. Now, the Atragon is in full battle mode and ready to take on the advanced weaponry of the Mu Empire to save the land dweller and the Captain’s daughter.

Special Features: Assistant Director commentary, trailer, new 5.1 surround audio mix. Language Options: English, Japanese with English subtitles.

Cast of characters

  • Tadao Takashima (King Kong vs Godzilla, Son of Godzilla) … Commercial Photographer Susumu Hatanaka
  • Yôko Fujiyama (Red Beard) … Makoto Jinguji, the Captain’s Daughter
  • Yû Fujiki (Mothra vs Godzilla) … Yoshito Nishibe
  • Kenji Sahara (Godzilla vs King Ghidorah) … Uoto Unno – Journalist / Mu Agent
  • Ken Uehara (Mothra) … Retired Admiral Kusumi
  • Hiroshi Koizumi (Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster) … Detective Itô
  • Jun Tazaki (Ebirah Horror of the Deep) … Captain Hachiro Jinguji
  • Yoshifumi Tajima (Mothra vs Godzilla) … Tome ‘Amano’ Amanoshome
  • Akihiko Hirata (Godzilla) … Mu Agent #23
  • Hideyo Amamoto (Message from Space) … High Priest of Mu
  • Susumu Fujita (Tora! Tora! Tora!) … Defense Commander
  • Minoru Takada (Ghidorah The Three-Headed Monster) … Government Official
  • Hisaya Itô (Ghidorah The Three-Headed Monster) … Shindo, Kidnapped Scientist
  • Ikio Sawamura … Taxi Driver
  • Tetsuko Kobayashi … Empress of Mu
  • Akemi Kita … Rimako – Sneezing Model
  • Hiroshi Hasegawa … Liuetenant Fuji
  • Nadao Kirino … Kidnapped Scientist
  • Shin Ôtomo … Government Official

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