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The Ghoul

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The Ghoul (1933) starring Boris Karloff, Cedric Hardwick, Ernest Thesiger, Dorothy Hyson, Anthony Bushell
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Buy from Amazon In The Ghoul, Boris Karloff as Professor Morlant finds a stone he wants to be buried with. Because he believes that it will bring him back to life. However, when the stone is stolen before his burial, he comes back from the dead to find it. Or is it something else?

The Ghoul (1933) starring Boris Karloff, Cedric Hardwicke, Ernest Thesiger

A dying Professor Morlant (Boris Karloff) gives final instructions to his butler (Ernest Thesinger) in The Ghoul

Cast of characters

  • Boris Karloff (The Mummy) as Professor Henry Morlant. The dying Egyptologist. However, he’s become convinced that the gods of ancient Egypt are real … And still active. He pleads with Anubis to grant him eternal life. Later, he swears his servant Laing to bury him with a special amulet. He’s convinced that it will grant him access to the Egyptian Hall of the Dead. However, it’s stolen …
  • Cedric Hardwicke (On Borrowed Time) as Broughton. A not-quite-honest lawyer. For instance, he wants to get his hand on the amulet for it’s monetary value.
  • Ernest Thesiger (Bride of Frankenstein) as Laing. Morlant’s servant, who swears to bury him with the amulet. However, Morlant doesn’t really trust him … But then, he doesn’t trust anybody.
  • Dorothy Hyson as Betty Harlon. One of the two feuding heirs of Morlant. She dislikes the other heir, but falls in love with him anyway.
  • Anthony Bushell as Ralph Morlant. Likewise, he’s the male heir, who reciprocates the dislike/love.
  • Kathleen Harrison as Kaney. Betty’s friend, who comes along to the “haunted” manor. She quickly sets her eyes on …
  • Harold Huth as Aga Ben Dragore. Morlant’s Arab friend, supposedly. Amazing how many “friends” show up once he’s dead …
  • D. A. Clarke-Smith as Mahmoud
  • Ralph Richardson (Things to Come; Tales from the Crypt) as Nigel Hartley. Allegedly a clergyman, come to give Morlant some final comfort. However, he doesn’t act like a clergyman.

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Butler Ernest Thesiger being chocked by his "dead" employer Professor Morland in "The Ghoul".  You're fired!

In an eerie, fog-shrouded London, an ancient curse has been unleashed and a reign of terror is about to begin! Horror movie legend Boris Karloff is unforgettable in this “blood-curdling” (Motion Picture Herald) thriller that brings to life the classic tale of the mummy! On his deathbed, famed Egyptologist Professor Morlant (Karloff) instructs his assistant to bury him with an ancient jewel he believes will grant him eternal life. But soon after he’s entombed, the sacred treasure is ripped from his hand by a mysterious grave robber. Now, filled with fury, Morlant rises from his crypt as a grotesquely decaying mummy determined to avenge the theft and destroy everything in his path!

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