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Boris Karloff as Dr. Garth in Before I Hang
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Boris Karloff films – he was a very hard working actor, with a great many films to his credit.  As you can see below, he worked in film for many years before becoming and “overnight” success with Frankenstein.

1918The Lightning Raider 15-chapter film serial.
1919The Masked RiderMexican roughneck in saloon (Ep. 2 only)15-chapter film serial.
His Majesty, the AmericanThe SpyCredited as an extra.
The Prince and Betty Bit part.
1920The Deadlier SexJules Borney 
The Courage of Marge O’DooneTavish 
The Last of the Mohicans Credited as an extra.
1921The Hope Diamond MysteryDakar / High Priest of Temple of SitaFilm serial.
Without Benefit of ClergyAhmed Khan 
Cheated HeartsNil Horned 
The Cave GirlBaptiste 
1922The Man from Downing StreetEdward Monckton / Maharajah Jehan Deharwar 
The Infidelthe Nabob 
The Altar StairsHugo 
Omar the Tentmakerthe Holy Imam Mowaffak 
The Woman ConquersRaoul Maris 
1923The Gentleman from America Uncredited bit part.
The PrisonerPrince Kapolski 
1924Riders of the Plains  
The HellionOutlaw 
Dynamite DanTony Garcia 
1925Parisian NightsPierre 
Forbidden CargoPietro Castillano 
The Prairie WifeDiego 
Perils of the Wild  
Never the Twain Shall MeetVillainUncredited
Lady RobinhoodCabraza 
1926The Greater Glorythe Scissors Grinder 
Her Honor, the GovernorSnipe Collins 
The BellsMesmerist 
The Nickel-HopperBig Bohunk 
The Golden WebDave Sinclair 
The Eagle of the SeaPirate 
FlamesBlackie Blanchett 
Old IronsidesSaracen Guard 
Flaming FuryGaspard 
Valencia Uncredited Bit part.
The Man in the SaddleRobberUncredited.
1927Tarzan and the Golden LionOzawa, Waziri Chief 
Let It Rainthe Crooks 
The Meddlin’ StrangerAl Meggs 
The Princess from HobokenPavel 
The Phantom BusterRamón 
Soft CushionsThe Chief Conspirator 
Two Arabian KnightsPurser 
The Love MartFleming 
1928The Vanishing RiderThe VillainFilm serial
Burning the WindPug Doran 
Vultures of the SeaGrouchyFilm serial
The Little Wild GirlMaurice Kent 
1929The Devil’s ChaplainBoris 
The Fatal WarningMullinsFilm serial
The Phantom of the NorthJules Gregg 
Two SistersCecil 
Anne Against the World Bit part.
Behind That CurtainSudanese servantFirst sound film.
The King of the KongoMacklin / MartinFilm serial.
The Unholy NightAbdoul 
1930The Bad OneGuard 
The Sea BatCorsican 
The Utah KidBaxter 
The Mother’s CryBaxter 
1931Sous les verrous (“Pardon Us” – French version)The Tiger Famous Laurel and Hardy comedy
The Criminal CodeNed Galloway 
King of the WildMustaphaFinal film serial.
Cracked NutsRevolutionary 
Young Donovan’s KidCokey Joe 
Smart MoneySport Williams 
The Public DefenderProfessor 
I Like Your NerveLuigi 
GraftJoe Terry 
Five Star Final“Reverend” Vernon Isopod A very good movie, about the consequences of yellow journalism, with Karloff as a very unscrupulous reporter
The Yellow TicketOrderly 
The Mad GeniusFedor’s Father 
The Guilty GenerationTony Ricca 
FrankensteinThe Monster after 13 years of working in the film industry, Karloff became an overnight star with his portral of the monster
Tonight or NeverThe Waiter 
1932Behind the MaskJim Henderson 
Alias the DoctorAutopsy Surgeon 
Business and PleasureSheikh 
The Miracle ManNikko 
Night World“Happy” MacDonald 
The Old Dark HouseMorganBilled as KARLOFF
The Mask of Fu ManchuDr. Fu Manchu 
The MummyImhotep/Ardath BeyBilled as KARLOFF – an excellent performance
1933The GhoulProf. MorlantThe Egyptologist who hopes to enter the Egyptian afterlife … unless someone steals the amulet from his dead hand!
1934The Lost PatrolSanders 
The House of RothschildCount Ledrantz 
The Black CatHjalmar PoelzigOne of Karloff’s finest performances; his first, and best, team up with Bela Lugosi
Gift of GabCameo Appearance (as Karloff)Billed as KARLOFF
1935Bride of FrankensteinThe MonsterKarloff’s second appearance as Frankenstein’s moster, making the creature more empathetic, especially during his time with the hermit
The RavenEdmond BatemanAgain teamed up with Bela Lugosi, this time as an unwilling minion.  Another portrayal of a sympathetic “monster”.
The Black RoomBaron Gregor de Berghmann / Anton de Berghmann A riveting performance, with Karloff in a dual role as twins – one evil, one good.  And the good twin vows his revenge, even from beyond the grave.
1936The Invisible RayDr. Janos RukhThe scientist who discovers a new type of radiation – but loses his health, his mind, and his wife.  And seeks revenge.  Another team-up with Bela Lugosi.
The Walking DeadJohn Ellman 
JuggernautVictor Sartorius 
The Man Who Changed His MindDr. Laurence 
Charlie Chan at the OperaGravelle 
1937Night KeyDave MalloryBilled as KARLOFF
West of ShanghaiGen. Wu Yen Fang A riveting performance as the corrupt, greedy warlord – with a code of honor.
1938The Invisible MenaceMr. Jevries a.k.a. Dolman 
Mr. Wong, DetectiveJames Lee Wong 
1939Devil’s IslandDr. Charles Gaudet 
Son of FrankensteinThe Monster One more appearance as Frankenstein’s monster.  With Basil Rathbone as the titular Son of Frankenstein, and Bela Lugosi as the treacherous Ygor.
The Mystery of Mr. WongJames Lee Wong 
Mr. Wong in ChinatownJames Lee Wong 
The Man They Could Not HangDr. Henryk Savaard 
Tower of LondonMord the Executioner 
1940The Fatal HourJames Lee Wong 
British IntelligenceValdara.k.a. “Enemy Agent”
Black FridayDr. Ernest Sovac 
The Man with Nine LivesDr. Leon Kravaal 
Doomed to DieJames Lee Wong 
Before I HangDr. John Garth Another excellent performance, as a doctor on death row for a mercy killing.  But he’s researching immortality …
The ApeDr. Bernard Adrian 
You’ll Find OutJudge Mainwaring 
1941The Devil CommandsDr. Julian Blair 
1942The Boogie Man Will Get YouProf. Nathaniel Billings 
1944The ClimaxDr. Hohner 
House of FrankensteinDr. Gustav Niemann No longer the monster, but a mad scientist in this first Universal “monster mash”
1945The Body SnatcherJohn Gray A wonderful performance as the despicable “body snatcher” … who loves to taunt “Toddy”.  Bela Lugosi in a secondary role
Isle of the DeadGen. Nikolas Pherides A good performance, as the sympathetic military man trying to keep the various individuals alive.
1946BedlamMaster George Sims A very good performance as the despicable, money-grubbing man running an insane asylum.
1947The Secret Life of Walter MittyDr. Hugo Hollingshead A good appearance in the Danny Kaye comedy.
LuredCharles von Druten One of the suspects in a series of murders.  An enjoyable performance as … a dress designer driven to madness.
UnconqueredGuyasuta, Chief of the Senecas 
Dick Tracy Meets GruesomeGruesome 
1948Tap RootsTishomingo 
The Emperor’s NightingaleNarratorEnglish-language version only.
1949Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris KarloffSwami Talpur A good, funny performance as the hypnotist who tries to have Lou Costello to kill himself – but Lou’s too stupid!
1951The Strange DoorVoltan 
1952Colonel March InvestigatesCol. MarchCompiled from episodes of the television series Colonel March of Scotland Yard
The Black CastleDr. Meissen 
1953Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeDr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Hyde A performance as the elderly Dr. Jekyll – who covets his beautiful young ward.
1954The Island Monster  
The HinduGeneral Pollegara.k.a. Sabaka
1957Voodoo IslandDr. Phillip Knight 
1958The Juggler of Our LadyNarratorAnimated short
The Creation of the WorldNarrator (USA)English-language version only.
The Haunted StranglerJames Rankin 
Frankenstein 1970Baron Victor von Frankenstein 
Corridors of BloodDr. Thomas Bolton 
1962Arsenic & Old LaceJonathan BrewsterHallmark Hall of Fame TV film
1963Black SabbathGorca A good performance as the loving father and family man … who becomes one of the undead.  And wants his family to join him.
The TerrorBaron Von Leppe 
The RavenDr. Scarabus A good, scary and funny performance as the villain in this horror comedy
1964Bikini BeachArt dealer 
Mondo BalordoNarrator 
The Comedy of TerrorsAmos HinchleyA truly hilarious dark comedy! Highly recommended
1965Die, Monster, Die!Nahum Witley The elderly father, who wants to undo the evil done by his father.  But …
(UK: Monster of Terror)
1966The DaydreamerThe RatVoice only
The Ghost in the Invisible BikiniThe Corpse 
How the Grinch Stole Christmas!The Grinch and the NarratorAnimated film. Won Grammy Award for Best Album for Children.
The Wild Wild WestMr. Singh2×02 The Night of the Golden Cobra
1967The Venetian AffairDr. Pierre Vaugiroud 
Mad Monster Party?Baron Boris von FrankensteinVoice only
The SorcerersProfessor Marcus Montserrat 
1968TargetsByron Orlok 
Curse of the Crimson Altar (aka The Crimson Cult)Prof. Marshe 
Fear Chamber (aka Torture Zone)Dr. Carl Mandel 
House of Evil (aka Dance of Death)Mathias Morteval 
1970Cauldron of Blood (El Coleccionista de cadáveres); aka Blind Man’s Bluff (filmed in 1967)Franz BadulescuReleased after Karloff’s death; filmed in 1967
1971The Incredible Invasion (aka Alien Terror, aka The Sinister Invasion)Prof. John MeyerReleased after Karloff’s death; filmed in 1968
Isle of the Snake People (aka Cult of the Dead)Karl Van Molder / DamballahReleased after Karloff’s death; filmed in 1968

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