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Black Sabbath

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Black Sabbath starring Boris Karloff, Michele Mercier, Lidia Alfons, Mark Damon
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Black Sabbath starring Boris Karloff,  Michéle Mercier, Lidia Alfons,  Mark Damon

Product Description of  Black Sabbath

Mario Bava’s horror classic Black Sabbath  (original Italian title: “Three Faces of Fear“) is a horror anthology. Boris Karloff hosts the stories, and stars in the most heartbreaking of them. An ex-lover terrorizes a beautiful woman who betrayed him, over the telephone. But he’s been executed … A family becomes a feeding ground when their father returns home wounded after ridding the countryside of a hideous vampire… The unknown haunts a nurse after stealing a ring from the finger of a dead medium!

Review of Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath starring Boris Karloff, Michele Mercier, Lidia Alfons, Mark Damon

In short, Black Sabbath is an anthology horror film, with three unrelated stories, introduced by Boris Karloff.  Karloff stars in the final film as well.  I watched the Americanized version, which is different from the original Italian version. That’s what’s reviewed here.

  1. The Telephone: a woman receives a series of phone calls from her former boyfriend.  Her testimony sent him to be executed.  But the calls continue.  She turns to her dead boyfriend’s former girlfriend for help.  But the former girlfriend’s behind the prank.  Isn’t she?
  2. The Drop of Water: a nurse is called to deal with the body of a dead medium.  She steals a beautiful ring from the corpse, spilling a glass of water in the process.  She keeps hearing dripping, amid other strange things.  Eventually, she’s confronted by the corpse. That looks like a mannequin, ruining this segment.
  3. The Wurdulak: frankly the best, and most creepy, of the stories.  A father (Boris Karloff) kills a Wurdulak, a vampire-like creature that feasts on its’ own family.  But the creature infects the father. And he proceeds to “harvest” his loved ones, one at a time.  Truly unnerving, as he murders his own grandchild, and uses him as bait for his own daughter.  “Mommy, I’m so cold …”  Truly unnerving, frightening, and compelling.


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