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The Neanderthal Man

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The Neanderthal Man (1953) starring Richard Crane, Robert Shayne
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In The Neanderthal Man, a mad scientist transforms himself into a prehistoric caveman, his cat into a saber-toothed tiger, and his housekeeper into an ape person. He alienates his daughter and girlfriend in the process.  And unwittingly kills several of his friends.

The Neanderthal Man (1953) starring Richard Crane, Robert Shayne

The Neanderthal Man is a take on the Jekyll and Hyde story. It’s not a bad movie, but it’s not great either. At first, the identity of the titular monster is hidden, but the character of the scientist is certainly not very likable. And, when we finally see the Neanderthal man, the “makeup” is a rubber mask.

Product description

When a scientist presents his theory that the size of the skull equates with intelligence, he is rejected by his colleagues. His theory states that neanderthal man was equal, if not superior, to homo sapiens. After his professional rejection, the scientist is rejected by his fiancee. Mad with desire and rage, the scientist secludes himself in his laboratory where he develops a serum that turns himself into THE NEANDERTHAL MAN. Rumors of saber-toothed tigers roaming the countryside and several attacks on local men bring out the police who attempt to solve the mystery.

Dr. Ross Harkness: He tampered with things beyond his province… beyond what any man should do… and if it was madness, well… those whom the gods would destroy… they first make mad!

Cast of characters

  • Robert Shayne (The Giant Claw, The Indestructible Man) … Professor Clifford Groves. The scientist, who takes offense at people ridiculing his theory that Neanderthal Man was smarter, because their brains were larger. So he decides to prove it …
  • Joyce Terry (The Naked Street) … Jan Groves. The professor’s adult daughter.
  • Richard Crane (Alligator People) … Dr. Ross Harkness. The initially skeptical scientist, who agrees to investigate. Jan takes an immediate liking to him, but her father has the opposite reaction.
  • Doris Merrick (The Big Noise) … Ruth Marshall. Groves’ fiancé. They relationship has been strained recently …
  • Beverly Garland (Twice Told Tales, Not of This Earth) … Nola Mason – Waitress. The poor young woman, raped by the Neanderthal Man.
  • Robert Long (Return to Treasure Island) … George Oakes. The game warden, skeptical of Wheeler’s story, until the prehistoric tiger jumps on his car!
  • Tandra Quinn (Mesa of Lost Women) … Celia – Housekeeper. She technically knows more that she’s telling.
  • Lee MorganCharlie Webb
  • Eric ColmarBuck Hastings
  • Dick Rich (Miss Grant Takes Richmond) … Sheriff Andy Andrews
  • Robert Easton (The Giant Spider Invasion) … Danny – Townsman
  • Frank Gerstle (Killers From Space) … Mr. Wheeler – Hunter, who first spots the sabertooth tiger.
  • Anthony JochimSkeptical Naturalist
  • Marshall BradfordConference Chairman
  • William Fawcett (Batman and Robin movie serial) … Dr. Fairchild
  • Tom MonroeStocky Townsman

Additional Cast

  • Robert Bray (Bus Stop) … Tim Newcomb – cattle rancher
  • Hank Mann (The Great Dictator) … Naturalist at Conference
  • Crane WhitleyState Police Chief

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