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Blood of Dracula’s Castle

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Blood of Dracula's Castle (1967) starring John Carradine, Alexander D'Arcy, Paula Raymond
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Blood of Dracula’s Castle (1967) starring John Carradine, Alexander D’Arcy, Paula Raymond

In Blood of Dracula’s Castle, Count & Countess Dracula are living in … Arizona? In a castle, no less. Where their servants kidnap beautiful young ladies, and keep them in the dungeon. For a fresh supply of blood. Until the castle’s new owners show up …

Glen Cannon: We’d like to speak to the Townsends, please.
George, the butler: They are not available till after sunset.


My first thought watching Blood of Dracula’s Castle was, how the nightly have fallen. Some very good actors are wasted in this low-budget, poorly-made Al Adamson film. Although that’s what he specialized in.


  • The opening at Marineland, with the photographer shooting photos of his fiancée, is actually entertaining. The dolphins, killer whales, seal, etc. were fun to watch.
  • Johnny is on the run from police pursuing him with dogs. But he stops to murder a girl in a bikini. Why? It’s insanely stupid. And it doesn’t establish his character. We’ve already seen him heartlessly murder a “friend” previously.
  • The butler George brings the Draculas “real” bloody mary drinks. One of the few pieces of humor in the movie.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Cast of characters

  • John Carradine (The Ten Commandments, The Secret of NIMH) … George. The butler to the Draculas. He clearly doesn’t like, or trust, Johnny. He’s very loyal to the Count. Since the Count once rescued him from a “necktie party”. He’s a worshipper of the “great god Luna”.
  • Paula Raymond (The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, Hand of Death, Texas Carnival) … Countess Townsend. She and her husband are actually Count & Countess Dracula, living in a castle in Arizona.
  • Alexander D’Arcy (Man on a Tightrope, Horrors of Spider Island) … Count Dracula – alias Count Charles Townsend. The bloody count.
  • Robert Dix (Forbidden Planet) … Johnny. The psychotic murderer, that the Draculas look forward to coming “home”. Apparently, he gets even worse during a full moon.
  • Gene Otis ShaneGlen Cannon. Our protagonist. A professional photographer. He inherits the castle where the Draculas are “living”. He plans to live there. Despite the “Townsend’s” attempts to discourage them.
  • Jennifer BishopLiz Arden. Glen’s lovely fiancée and model. She & Glen go to the castle he’s inherited. And regret it!
  • Vicki VolanteAnn – Motorist Victim. George uses her blood to mixx “Bloody Mary” drinks. Later, she’s a human sacrifice to their false god Luna.
  • Ray YoungMango. Hulking, hunchbacked servant. He supplies the Draculas with fresh victims, and (presumably) rapes the “empties”.
  • John ‘Bud’ Cardos (Kingdom of the Spiders – director) … Prison Guard Frank
  • Ken Osborne … Telegram Delivery Man

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A chilling, blood-curdling tale about a young couple that inherits an old castle, only to find that it is already inhabited by a crusty butler, an obsessed killer, and a couple of vampires who kidnap and sacrifice young girls in order to live forever.

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