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She 1935 starring Randolph Scott, Helen Mack
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She 1935 – an excellent adaptation of the novel, the immortal She Who Must Be Obeyed – and she thinks she’s found her reincarnated lover. Whom she murdered centuries ago, for suspicion of being unfaithful. She’s beautiful, cruel, capricious. Can his friends rescue Leo before it’s too late?

She 1935 starring Randolph Scott, Helen Mack

Review of She 1935

The word that came to my mind when watching She 1935 was “spectacle”. It’s very well done, with gorgeous sets and costuming. The acting is first rate, as well. But some scenes literally take your breath away. But none of that would matter, if there wasn’t a great story — and there is. It’s the story of a long quest, searching for the alleged secret of immortality. There’s a long voyage to get there, which the film spends a fair amount of time on. And it’s entertaining, as well as helping to cement the characters with the audience. Then they finally arrive, and meet She Who Must Be Obeyed. The immortal queen of the lost kingdom. She is beautiful, selfish, and values the life of nobody else. Except Leo! Because he’s the spitting image of her lost love.

She’s evil, deceitful, and will do anything to keep him with her. Even sharing the secret of immortality with him — the flame of life. But, be careful what you ask for …

Leo and Horace watch She Who Must Be Obeyed entering the flame of life

Product Description 

From the creative team that brought you King Kong, a thrilling tale of adventure, immortality and lost love. A group of explorers, led by the dashing Leo Vincey (Randolph Scott), sets out on a mission in search of the legendary flame of life, a mysterious force that bestows immortality. Their perilous journey takes them to the heart of a remote glacier where they are taken captive by the beautiful but impossibly cruel She. Filled with lavish art deco sets, gorgeous costumes and backed by Max Steiner’s powerful score, this stunning edition has been painstakingly restored in high definition from the original 35mm film elements and is now in color for the first time under the creative direction of legendary effects master Ray Harryhausen.

Cast of characters

  • Helen GahaganShe. She Who Must Be Obeyed. The beautiful, vicious, self-centered immortal queen. She thinks nothing of lying to Leo and putting Tanya to death …. If it will help keep Leo with her.
  • Randolph Scott (Captain Kidd, Follow the Fleet) … Leo Vincey. The protagonist, searching for the mysterious flame of life. Along the arduous journey, he picks up Tanya. When the group finally arrives, She believes that he’s her lost love reincarnate. Whom she previously murdered.
  • Helen Mack (Son of Kong, His Girl Friday) … Tanya Dugmore. Lovely, kind, faithful. A true friend, who falls in love with Leo. And will stand by him no matter what.
  • Nigel Bruce (Prelude to Murder, Rebecca) … Horace Holly. A true friend to Leo, invaluable on the journey. Even more so when they arrive at the lost kingdom. And he won’t abandon Leo, regardless of threats.
  • Gustav von Seyffertitz (Son of Frankenstein) … Billali
  • Lumsden Hare (Svengali) … Dugmore
  • Samuel S. Hinds (It’s a Wonderful Life, The Raven (1935)) … John Vincey. Leo’s elderly, dying relative. He passes on the story of Korean, and the flame of life, setting Leo and Horace on their quest.
  • Noble Johnson (Most Dangerous Game) … Amahaggar Chief

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