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The Vanishing Virginian

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The Vanishing Virginian, starring Frank Morgan, Kathryn Grayson
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The Vanishing Virginian (1942), starring Frank Morgan, Kathryn Grayson

Frank Morgan stars in a rare leading role in The Vanishing Virginian and does it well.  It’s a sweet, tender story – with moments of bitter-sweetness.  The funeral scene for Josh is truly touching, as well as giving Kathryn Grayson an opportunity to sing beautifully.

Cast of characters in The Vanishing Virginian

  • Robert Yancey (Frank Morgan, The Wizard of Oz).  The family patriarch, a long-term district attorney, who is resistant to the changes in his world.
  • Rebecca Yancey (Kathryn GraysonLovely to Look AtThousands Cheer).  Robert’s daughter, who is one of the changes.  She’s interested in not only driving a car (shocking!), and voting (worse!) and … dating!
  • Rosa Yancey (Spring ByingtonHeaven Can WaitWerewolf of London).  Robert’s loving wife, who doesn’t want him to run for re-election for a 9th term.  Out of concern for how he won’t be able to handle it if he loses.
  • Uncle Josh Preston (Leigh WhipperOf Mice and MenRoad to Zanzibar).  Robert’s old friend and farm hand.  An older man, very kind and sweet, who risks his own life to rescue a young child who stumbles into a dangerous place.

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