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Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse

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Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse (1966-1971) starring Jonathon Frid, Lara Parker
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Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse is the backstory of how Barnabus Collins became cursed with vampirism, and how the people who love him are doomed to suffer …

Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse (1966-1971) starring Jonathon Frid, Lara Parker

Many people are familiar with the gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows. In the second season, it introduced a character that changed the future of the series — Barnabus Collins. He claimed to be the last surviving member of the English branch of the Collins family. But in fact, he was a reluctant vampire. He was imprisoned in his coffin for nearly 200 years. Imprisoned how? How did he become a vampire in the first place? The Vampire Curse is an extended flashback, that tells that story. And, it’s riveting. It’s frankly my favorite story arc of the entire series.

Product Description 

Barnabus Collins and his iconic painting behind him in "Dark Shadows"

Buy from Amazon Cursed by the scorned witch Angelique, Barnabas Collins returns to Collinwood as a creature of the night. The Gothic television classic Dark Shadows attracted a fiercely devoted following during it’s airings on ABC-TV from 1966-71. The character of Barnabas Collins, a sympathetic vampire, turned the series into a must-see event for over 20 million viewers. In this special release, the story of how Barnabas was cursed as one of the living dead is detailed in a selection of scenes from the most popular episodes.

Cast of characters

  • Joan Bennett (Scarlet Street) … Elizabeth Collins Stoddard. In the present day, the matriarch of the Collins family. But in the past, the same actress plays her ancestor. She’s married to her strict, controlling husband. She’s clearly unhappy. But, a loving mother to Barnabus.
  • Thayer David (Journey to the Center of the Earth 1959) … Ben Stokes. In the past, a paroled convict, and servant to the Collins family. Barnabus treats him as a person, and friend. He even teaches the illiterate Ben to read and write. An important plot point later.
  • Louis EdmondsRoger Collins. In the present, Elizabeth’s brother. But in the past, the actor plays the iron-fisted head of the household. A harsh man, who truly loves his wife, son, and brother. But he either can’t display that affection, or doesn’t know how.
  • Jonathan FridBarnabas Collins. Joshua & Naomi’s son, engaged to the woman that he loves …. But he’s treated her servant, Angelique, poorly. He’s used her, and then set her aside. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned …
  • Anthony GeorgeJerermiah Collins. Joshua’s younger brother, who’s more like an older brother to Barnabas than an uncle. But due to Angelique, he’s going to break Barnabus’ heart. And then, there’s a duel …
  • Grayson Hall (Gargoyles (1972)) … Dr. Julia Hoffman. In the past, the actress plays the part of Josette’s aunt.
  • Alexandra Isles (Dark Shadows – Episode 210) … Victoria Winters. Due to a seance gone wrong, she’s somehow sent into the past, working for the then-Collin family, accused of witchcraft …
  • Lara ParkerAngelique. The hurt woman, who takes her pain out on everyone else. She’s determined that Barnabus will marry her. She’s self-centered, manipulative, a literal witch.
  • Kathryn Leigh Scott (House of Dark Shadows) … Maggie Evans. In the past, Josette Dupris, who’s come from Martinique to marry Barnabus. But Angelique’s manipulations will make sure that this kind, loving woman ends in tragedy …

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