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Dark Shadows – Episode 210


Season 2 of Dark Shadows Episode 210 – Willie Loomis breaks into the Collins family crypt, finds a hidden room, and a sealed coffin …

In season 2 of Dark Shadows – Episode 210, things are about to start getting interesting. A thoroughly unlikable young man, Willie Loomis, is breaking into the old Collins family crypt. Along with his friend Jason McGuire, he’s been blackmailing Elizabeth Stoddard. But she’s had enough. She orders him to leave …. After paying Jason $500 dollars to pay off Willie into leaving.

Unknown to Jason, or anyone else, Willie Loomis has decided to steal jewels from the Collins family crypt. He’s trying to break in unsuccessfully, until he tries to use a rope and pulley system to lift a stone cover. But in the process, he triggers a secret door. And inside, he sees a coffin. A coffin that’s chained shut.

But Willie, despite his many character flaws, is persistent. And at the end of the episode, he succeeds in breaking off the chains and opening the coffin …. And a hand reaches out and grabs him by the throat!

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