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Who’s Minding The Mint?

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Who's Minding the Mint? (1967) starring Jim Hutton, Walter Brennan, Dorothy Provine
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In Who’s Minding the Mint? an honest employee at the U.S. Mint accidentally destroys $50,000! But he has a simple plan to replace the money, with nobody the wiser. But anything that can go wrong will – hilariously!

Who’s Minding the Mint? (1967) starring Jim Hutton, Walter Brennan, Dorothy Provine

Who’s Minding the Mint? is actually a funny heist movie, although it starts slowly. Where it gets rolling is as Harry keeps getting convinced that he needs “just one more” person to successfully complete the heist. And each member of the gang is a funny character in their own right. And just a little bit crazy. Then more than a little greedy, as they coerce to print a little more money, so each of them gets a cut. And that snowballs as well, with each of them eventually wanting one million dollars!

And when it gets to be time for the actual heist, it’s proof of Murphy’s Law. “Anything that can go wrong, will.” And it’s absolutely hilarious! You’ll have to see the movie for yourself to see it, because that’s frankly the highlight.

And Murphy’s Law continues after the heist as well …

Product Description 

When United States Mint employee Harry Lucas (Jim Hutton, Major Dundee, Walk Don’t Run) inadvertently destroys $50,000, he enlists the aid of retired printer Pop Gillis (Walter Brennan, To Have and Have Not, Rio Bravo) and expert safecracker Avery Dugan (Jack Gilford, Catch-22) to steal the engraving plates. Deafened by his work in prison, Dugan gets a hearing aid from pawnbroker Luther Burton (Milton Berle) who, learning of the plot, cuts himself in. As the scheme’s “manager,” Luther then brings in Ralph (Joey Bishop, Ocean’s 11), who works in the sewer and can help them reach the Mint; the Captain, an operator of kiddie playground “boats” that can navigate the sewers; and Willie (Bob Denver, TV’s “Gilligan’s Island“), an ice cream vendor to be used as a decoy for attractive busybody Verna (Dorothy Provine, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World). Newly remastered.

Cast of characters

The criminals

  • Jim Hutton (Bachelor in Paradise) … Harry Lucas. The central protagonist. He needs to replace the money he accidentally destroyed. But his simple plan is like a snowball rolling downhill …
  • Dorothy Provine (The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock) … Verna Baxter. The lovely young lady, who made the horrid fudge that unintentionally caused the problem. She’s clearly in love with Harry.
  • Milton Berle (The Bellboy) … Luther Burton. The pawn shop owner, who deals himself in on the heist. And keeps thinking of additional people they need to have involved.
  • Joey Bishop (The Joey Bishop Show) … Ralph Randazzo. The gambling addict, who’s apparently essential to the heist.
  • Bob Denver (Rescue From Gilligan’s Island) … Willie Owens. The ice cream man, who has to distract Doris during the heist. Since she’s always looking out her window, onto the street where the manhole is that they need to sneak into the mint.
  • Walter Brennan (The Princess and the Pirate) … Pop Gillis. Forcibly retired from the mint. The heist gives him the opportunity he’s always wanted, to actually run the press.
  • Victor Buono (Robin And The 7 Hoods) … Captain. The “expert” they need to construct a modular boat, to be assembled in the sewer. And when it sinks like a rock, he has to … improvise.
  • Jack Gilford (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum) … Avery Dugan. The near-deaf safe cracker. Who loses his hearing aid at the worst possible moment.
  • Jamie Farr (With Six You Get Eggroll) … Mario. Ralph’s Italian cousin, who speaks no English, whose job is to act as lookout. And accidentally causes the entire haul of money to be taken away as trash!

Additional cast

  • David J. StewartSamson Link. Harry’s unlikable supervisor. He’s looking for any excuse to get Harry in trouble.
  • Corinne ColeDoris Miller. Willie’s lovestruck customer, whom he has to distract during the heist.
  • Jackie JosephImogene Harris.
  • Bryan O’Byrne (Million Dollar Duck) … Maxwell
  • Robert Ball (Invasion of the Star Creatures) … Grayson
  • Nora DenneyBertha
  • Luther JamesJess

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