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Our Miss Brooks [movie]

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Our Miss Brooks (1956) starring Eve Arden, Robert Rockwell, Gale Gordon, Richard Crenna
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Our Miss Brooks (1956) starring Eve Arden, Robert Rockwell, Gale Gordon, Richard Crenna

Our Miss Brooks encapsulates the first three seasons of the classic TV series. Snarky English teacher Eve Arden starts work at a new high school, pursues true love, and deals with her cantankerous principal.


I have to say, I enjoyed Our Miss Brooks. It’s a fun, enjoyable movie. Eve Arden, as always, is a delight. But I frankly have a warmer spot in my heart for the original television series. But, half a loaf is better than none, and this is a very enjoyable loaf.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


  • Eve Arden (Stage Door, Whistling in the Dark) … Connie Brooks. The likable English teacher. She’s chasing Mr. Boynton, with seemingly little success. She tutors Gary, whom she sees as having untouched potential. And unwittingly becomes the object of his father’s attention.
  • Gale Gordon (Here’s Lucy, The Lucy Show, Visit to a Small Planet) … Osgood Conklin. The gruff, by-the-book principal at the high school. He coerces Miss Brooks to become his campaign manager, in his race against Mr. Stone.
  • Don Porter (Bachelor in Paradise) … Lawrence Nolan. The rich, influential newspaper publisher. A widower, he makes no time for his son.
  • Robert RockwellPhil Boynton. After a slow courtship, he wants to ask Connie to marry him! Once he’s financially able.
  • Jane MorganMrs. Margaret Davis. Connie’s landlady and friend. A very funny performance. I love where she tells Connie’s future with cards … To circumvent her promise to Mr. Boynton to keep something in strict confidence!
  • Richard Crenna (Leviathan, Marooned) … Walter Denton. A very comedic, clownish character. Very funny, and well done.
  • Nick Adams (Die Monster Die, No Time for Sergeants) … Gary Nolan. The intelligent young man, who simply doesn’t care. He receives no affection from his father. He has everything money can buy. But nothing satisfies. Can Miss Brooks help him?
  • Leonard SmithStretch Snodgrass. One of Connie’s nice, although dimwitted, students.
  • Gloria McMillanHarriet Conklin. The principal’s attractive daughter. A nice young lady.
  • Joseph Kearns (Dennis the Menace) … Mr. Stone. The would-be Coordinator of Education, who wants Mr. Conklin fired.
  • William NewellDr. Henley
  • Philip Van Zandt (Citizen Kane, Squareheads of the Round Table) … Mr. Webster

Editorial review of Our Miss Brooks courtesy of Amazon

In the 1950s, America adopted Our Miss Brooks as its very own. Emmy winner Eve Arden starred as Connie Brooks in the long-running radio and TV series about a wisecracking high school English teacher. The movie provides all the TV show’s charm and laughter plus a dividend for fans: their Miss Brooks is finally locked in the loving arms of the handsome but incredibly bashful biology teacher Philip Boyton (Robert Rockwell). The film also adds a bittersweet edge to the comedy as Connie mends a rift between a student and his neglectful father. High marks go to the supporting cast, especially Gale Gordon as blustery principal Osgood Conklin and Richard Crenna as squeaky-voiced teen Walter Denton, who delivers an unforgettable, off-key rendition of It’s Magic.

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