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For Richer or Poorer

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For Richer or Poorer (1997) starring Tim Allen, Kirstie Alley, Wayne Knight
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Can a wealthy couple, estranged, fall back in love? While on the run from the IRS, thanks to a crooked accountant? The wedding vow, For Richer or Poorer, is more than an empty promise, after all …

For Richer or Poorer (1997) starring Tim Allen, Kirstie Alley, Wayne Knight

For Richer or Poorer is an enjoyable comedy. It’s a second tier Tim Allen movie, but still enjoyable. The problem is that it’s both cliched and predictable. The movie begins with two rich, miserable people who decide to get divorced. But then their tax accountant cheats the IRS and flees the country, they’re forced to go on the lam. They end up “undercover” on an Amish farm. There, they learn the value of hard work, and fall back in love. Which the audience sees coming miles away. That’s the big negative, but there’s some foul language peppered in as well.

The good news is, both Tim Allen and Kirstie Allen are funny. They take the cliched and predictable, and make it funny anyway.


  • Kirstie Allen’s character bringing some color to the drab clothing of the Amish.
  • “I can’t believe I made this.” A good, touching moment.
  • The supportive nature of Samuel and his family.
  • Samuel’s cute little daughter, who tries to follow Kirstie everywhere.
  • Brad, putting his knowledge of real estate to good use. He keeps the newlywed couple from getting swindled by their “friendly” realtors.
  • It’s very sweet, at the wedding of the young couple, where Brad and Caroline silently renew their wedding vows, having reconciled. Likewise in the court, Carole stands up and stands with Brad, “We stole the cab”.
  • The ending, where Samuel & his wife reveal that they knew all the time. Why’d they go along? Because it was harvest time, and they needed the help. Also, the couple looked like they needed help. But mostly, harvest time.

Cast of characters

  • Tim Allen (Toy Story, Last Man Standing, Zoom: Academy for Superheroes) … Brad Sexton. The architect, whose success had made him miserable. He still loves, but is on the edge of divorce from:
  • Kirstie Alley (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) … Caroline Sexton. Likewise, her fame and social standing have made her miserable as well.
  • Jay O. SandersSamuel Yoder. A very good performance. The head of the family that Brad and Caroline stay with, pretending to be distant cousins.
  • Michael Lerner (Godzilla 1998) … Phil Kleinman. The Sexton’s lawyer, trying to fix the legal mess.
  • Wayne Knight (Space Jam) … Bob Lachman. The very corrupt accountant, who causes the situation.
  • Larry Miller (Pretty Woman) … IRS Insp. Derek Lester. The virtually insane IRS agent, who believes in shooting first and asking questions later.
  • Miguel A. Núñez Jr.IRS Insp. Frank Hall. The far more sane IRS agent, teamed up with Lester.
  • Megan Cavanagh (Dracula Dead and Loving It) … Levinia Yoder. Wife and mom of the Yoder family. A kind, sweet, supportive woman.
  • David HarscheidGrandpa Yoder. He has a recurring joke of waking up the “visiting” cousins at 4:45 a.m. With an axe!
  • John Pyper-Ferguson (The 100) … Henner Lapp
  • Carrie Preston (True Blood) … Rebecca Yoder
  • Ethan PhillipsJerry – Good Guys Realty. One of the two crooked realty guys, who would’ve taken Samuel to the cleaners. Except for the intervention of Brad.
  • John CaponeraDave – Good Guys Realty. The other crooked realty guy.
  • Anthony AziziMalik the Cabbie. Who’s rightfully indignant at having his cab stolen by Brad.

Secondary characters

  • Katie Moore … Anna Yoder
  • Bobby Steggert … Samuel Yoder Jr.
  • Michael Angarano … Sammy Yoder
  • Rosemary Knower … Grandma Yoder
  • Hunter Stover … Baby Sam Yoder
  • Scout Stover … Baby Sam Yoder
  • June Claman … Judge Joan Northcutt. The judge in the court case, where all of the legal woes finally get resolved.
  • Marla Maples … Cynthia
  • Holly Cross Vagley … Mary
  • Crystal Bock … Penny, Brad’s Secretary
  • Monica Deeter … Hannah Yoder
  • Richard Pelzman … Jonathan Yoder
  • Madeline Mager … Sarah
  • Terrence Currier … Elder Joseph
  • Hal Handerson … Elder Thomas
  • Michael Howell … Bailiff
  • Johanna Cox … Emma Yoder
  • Stefan Aleksander … Jacob Yoder
  • Holly Atkinson … Bank Teller
  • Emily Chamberlain … Evelyn, Phil’s Secretary

Product Description

Brad (Tim Allen) and Caroline Sexton (Kirstie Alley) were incredibly rich and incredibly miserable. Until something unbelievable happened…their accountant robbed them dry. Now they’re on the run from the IRS and hiding out in the one place no one will ever look for them…Amish country. While their lawyer sorts things out in New York, they’ve got to do their best to blend in and are failing miserably! Hard work may prove to be more difficult than hard times as the Sextons are learning how to milk cows, plow fields and fall in love all over again.

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