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And So They Were Married

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And So They Were Married (1936) starring Melvyn Douglas, Mary Astor
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And So They Were Married (1936) starring Melvyn Douglas, Mary Astor

in And So They Were Married, a widower and a divorcee are trapped together at a ski resort. And their children don’t want the two to get together. Until …

Hotel Manager: [When a snowslide has blocked the road on the day of the new lodge’s grand opening] 25 waiters, four chefs, a 10-piece jazz band, and two guests… oooh.

Product Description 

Stephen (Melvyn Douglas, Being There) and Edith (Mary Astor, The Maltese Falcon, 1941) are a widower and a divorcee, respectively, spending their winter at the same ski resort with their families. When a snowstorm traps the two at the resort, Stephen and Edith start falling for each other. But both Stephen’s and Edith’s children don’t want their parents to get married again, and will do whatever it takes to keep them apart in this beguiling romantic comedy.


  • Melvyn Douglas (The Vampire Bat) … Stephen Blake. The grumpy widower.
  • Mary Astor (The Kennel Murder Case) … Edith Farnham. The bitter divorcée.
  • Edith FellowsBrenda Farnham. Edith’s daughter, who doesn’t want her mother to remarry, so she can be the center of attention.
  • Jackie Moran (Gone With the Wind) … Tommy Blake. Stephen’s son, who doesn’t want him to remarry for the same reason.
  • Donald Meek (Blondie Takes a Vacation) … Hotel Manager
  • Dorothy Stickney (The Great Diamond Robbery) … Miss Peabody
  • Romaine CallenderMr. Snirley
  • Douglas Scott (The Last Gangster) … Horace

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