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Bob Hope -the Vietnam Years – Salute to the Troops


DVD review of Salute to the Troops – Bob Hope -the Vietnam Years – 9 hours of Bob Hope’s annual salute to the American military

Editorial review courtesy of Amazon.com

Originally broadcast on NBC, the 9 complete hour-long shows included in this set feature Hope’s classic comedy stand-up and wonderfully entertaining sketches and musical performances with celebrity guests including Racquel Welch, Phyllis Diller, Neil Armstrong, Jim Nabors, Lola Falana and many more. While providing quality entertainment for the troops and to families across the nation, these specials also documented the history of one of the most turbulent times in America. Each show is narrated by Hope and includes information about his ambitious tours through Thailand, Taiwan and Guam as well as touching interviews with the soldiers he met along the way.

Hope’s holiday salute to the troops became an instant favorite with television audiences. The 1965 special won an Emmy Award® and the special from 1970 is still ranked among the 15 highest-rated television programs to date. Bob Hope will always be remembered for his dedication to the armed forces. Back in 1941 he began the custom of traveling the world to uplift the spirit of American troops stationed over seas. This custom became tradition the Christmas of ‘48 when Bob, with wife Dolores, flew to Europe to entertain Americans involved with the Berlin airlift.

Always at the top of his game on the road, his devotion endured through the sixties and seventies, when American Troops were deployed to Vietnam. This 3-disc set captures Hope’s most memorable moments as he performed for the troops from 1964 – 1972.


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