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The Bob Hope Collection: Volume 2

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The Bob Hope Collection: Volume 2
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The Bob Hope Collection: Volume 2

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 Taken from wonderful high-definition transfers, this collection presents six classic comedies starring the legendary Bob Hope! Now you can sit back, laugh and rediscover the magic of the song-and-dance comedian widely considered to be the Entertainer of the 20th Century in this brand-new set from Shout! Factory!

The Great Lover (1949): Bob Hope plays scoutmaster Freddie Hunter in this delightful comedy. During a European tour with the scouts, Freddie falls under the influence of a cardsharp who promotes a romance between Freddie and Duchess Alexandria. Co-stars Rhonda Fleming, Roland Young and George Reeves.

Son Of Paleface (1952): Peter “Junior” Potter (Hope) is a Harvard graduate who heads west to the town of Sawbuck Pass to claim his father’s fortune. Once there, Junior discovers that the whole town claims to be owed a debt and that his father’s treasure chest is empty. Co-starring Jane Russell and Roy Rogers.

Paris Holiday (1958): American comedian Bob Hunter (Bob Hope) is chased all over Paris by the underworld, aided by his French counterpart, Fernydel (Fernandel). This classic comedy co-stars Anita Ekberg, Martha Hyer, Preston Sturges and Yves Brainville.

The Private Navy Of Sgt. O’Farrell (1968): Hope stars as Master Sergeant Dan O’Farrell, who has the craziest crew ever to sale in this WWII comedy. Co-starring Phyllis Diller, Jeffrey Hunter, Gina Lollobrigida and Dick Sargent.

How To Commit Marriage (1969): Jackie Gleason joins Bob Hope in this clash of comedy titans!. Co-starring Jane Wyman, Leslie Nielson, Tina Louise and Tim Matheson.

Cancel My Reservation (1972): Dan Bartlett is a late-night TV talk show host taking a much-needed vacation in Arizona. There, he stumbles upon a murder and a conspiracy to defraud a local Native American group of part of its reservation. Co-Starring Eva Marie Saint, Ralph Bellamy, Anne Archer and Keenan Wynn. Look for some big name cameos as well.


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