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The Mysterious Island 1929

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The Mysterious Island 1929 starring Lionel Barrymore, Jacqueline Gadsdon

The Mysterious Island 1929 – idealistic scientist Count Dakkar wants to explore the undersea kingdom, but is betrayed by Baron Falon! His sister kidnapped, his workers captured, killed, or tortured … How can he free them?

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The Straw Hat Song 

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Song lyrics to “The Straw Hat Song” as performed by Desi Arnaz

Whenever Old Man Trouble makes trouble arise
Just put a big straw hat over your eyes
You’ll never see the circumstance making you frown
If you just push your eyes under the crown

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F-Troop Season 1

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F-Troop Season 1, starring Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch, Ken Berry

F-Troop season 1: Ken Berry is promoted to captain after he accidentally saves the day! As his “reward” he’s sent to take charge of F-Troop …

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