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Enemy of the State


Enemy of the State (1998), starring Will Smith, Gene Hackman, Jon Voight

Enemy of the State is a frightening movie. An out-of-control government tracks our every move. They listen to our phone calls, read our emails, and track our movements by tracking retail purchases. Not to mention looking at us through surveillance cameras. What’s truly frightening is that, from the time this movie was made to the present … The government is now admitting that yes, all of those things are being done … For our “protection”, of course.

One central question that this movie brings up, and has yet to be answered in real life. What happens when an unscrupulous government employee decides to abuse this vast amount of information? In  Enemy of the State, Will Smith’s character finds out. A high-ranking NSA official (Jon Voight) targets him after Smith unintentionally has evidence to tie him to a murder. And Smith’s only possible help is Gene Hackman. He’s a paranoid former NSA researcher, who frankly has been living “off the grid” to hide from the NSA. For simply knowing too much. And he has very little incentive to help Will Smith’s character.

The acting is exceptional, the film is riveting and quick-paced. It is frankly one of the rare examples of an action film that gives the audience things to think about after the movie ends. An excellent film, that’s highly recommended.


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