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The Magnificent Seven


In The Magnificent Seven, 7 western gunmen defend a town against an army of marauding bandits. A retelling of the classic The Seven Samurai.

The Magnificent Seven (1960) starring Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughn, James Coburn

Yul Brinner, leader of the Seven

 In The Magnificent Seven, seven western gunmen defend a town against an army of marauding bandits. It’s a classic movie, with great acting by some great actors. It’s a story of a small group of men, each with their own very different motivations. They work together, to protect a small town from a vicious group of bandits. And most of the townspeople are frightened little rabbits, afraid to stand up for themselves. But there are a few willing to take a stand …

It’s a truly great, riveting film. It’s one of the few films that I rate an unreserved 5 stars.

[the village Calvera’s raiding has changed]
Calvera: New wall. 
Chris: There are lots of new walls, all around. 
Calvera: They won’t keep me out! 
Chris: They were built to keep you in. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cast of characters

Product Description

The Magnificent Seven protecting a small town

Spectacular gun battles, epic-sized heroes and an all-star cast that includes Academy Award(r) winners Yul Brynner and James Coburn, together with Steve McQueen, Eli Wallach and Charles Bronson, make The Magnificent Seven a legend among westerns. Spawning three sequels and a successful television series, and featuring Elmer Bernstein’s Oscar(r)-nominated score, this stunning remake of The Seven Samurai is “a hard-pounding adventure” (Newsweek) and “an enduringly popular” (Leonard Maltin) cinematic classic. Merciless Calvera (Wallach) and his band of ruthless outlaws are terrorizing a poor Mexican village, and even the bravest lawmen can’t stop them. Desperate, the locals hire Chris Adams (Brynner) and six other gunfighters to defend them. With time running out before Calvera’s next raid, the heroic seven must prepare the villagers for battle and help them find the courage to take back their town or die trying!


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