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The Munsters season 1

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Marilyn, Lily, Grandpa, and Herman Munster
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This is it: the first season of the immortal television show about The Munsters. They’re a family of monsters and their struggles in the normal world. The cast includes Fred Gwynne as patriarch Herman Munster, a dense yet loveable Frankenstein look-alike. Yvonne DeCarlo is his gorgeously gothic wife Lily. Butch Patrick is their widow-peaked son Eddie. And Al Lewis as Grandpa Munster. With their “normal” niece Marilyn, of course.

The Munsters season 1 episodes

1. Munster Masquerade

The Munsters invite Marilyn’s boyfriend to visit the house. Originally aired September 24, 1964. The first (aired) episode.

2. My Fair Munster

Lily and Herman find themselves the unwelcome targets of amorous advances made by their nosy neighbors. Originally aired October 1, 1964

3. A Walk On The Mild Side

Herman is mistaken for a monster when he takes a walk in the local park. Originally aired October 8, 1964

4. Rock-A-Bye Munster

Grandpa and Herman mistakenly get the idea Lily is pregnant. Originally aired October 15, 1964

5. Pike’s Pique

Hysterical gas company workers inform their boss of the Munsters’ existence. Originally aired October 22, 1964

6. Low Cal Munster

Herman embarks on a crash diet after he is invited to an Army reunion …. And discovers he can’t squeeze into his uniform. Originally aired October 29, 1964

7. Tin Can Man

Eddie builds a robot as a science project for school. Originally aired November 5, 1964

8. Knock Wood, Here Comes Charlie

Herman’s twin brother, a known con artist, visits. Originally aired November 12, 1964

9. Herman The Great

Eddie’s friend’s father wants Herman to become a wrestler. Originally aired November 12, 1964

10. Autumn Croakus

Grandpa writes to a matrimonial agency hoping to find a wife. Originally aired November 26, 1964

11. The Midnight Ride Of Herman Munster

Two hoodlums steal Herman’s car to use in a bank robbery. Originally aired December 3, 1964

12. The Sleeping Cutie

Grandpa mixes a sleeping potion for Marilyn. Originally aired December 10, 1964

13. A Family Portrait

A national magazine’s computers pick the Munsters as the “Average American Family”. Originally aired December 17, 1964

14. Grandpa Leaves Home

After a personality clash at home, Grandpa decides he is unloved. And runs away. It’s okay – he’s back by the end of the episode. Originally aired December 24, 1964

15. Herman’s Rival

Lily secretly goes to work to help out the family’s finances. Originally aired December 31, 1964

16. Grandpa’s Call Of The Wild

Herman decides to take the family on a camping trip. Originally aired January 7, 1965

17. All-Star Munster

Due to an error, Marilyn’s college tuition is not paid. She is told that she cannot return. Originally aired January 14, 1965

18. If A Martian Answers, Hang Up

While listening to his ham radio, Herman mistakes some playing children for beings from outer space. Originally aired January 21, 1965

19. Eddie’s Nickname

Eddie refuses to return to school because the students call him “Shorty”. Originally aired January 28, 1965

20. Bats of a Feather

Eddie has to take a pet to school for a contest. Originally aired February 4, 1965

21. Don’t Bank On Herman

When Lily sends Grandpa and Herman to the bank, they wind up involved in a robbery. Originally aired February 11, 1965

22. Dance With Me, Herman

Herman decides to take dancing lessons … In order to accompany Marilyn to her college dinner dance. Originally aired February 18, 1965

23. Follow That Munster

Herman takes a correspondence course to become a private detective. Originally aired February 25, 1965

24. Love Locked Out

Herman infuriates Lily when he gets a little tipsy at an office party. Originally aired March 4, 1965

25. Come Back, Little Googie

Grandpa’s faulty magic gets him into trouble when he tries to turn Eddie’s friend into a rabbit. Originally aired March 11, 1965

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