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Bring on those Wonderful Men [song lyrics]

Bring on the Wonderful Men is a parody of Heree's to the Girls in Ziegfeld Follies. It's a very funny song by Virginia O'Brien, in her trademark stone faced style.
Song lyrics to Bring on those Wonderful Men, Music by Roger Edens, Lyrics by Earl K. Brent, Sung by Virginia O’Brien in Ziegfeld Follies Bring on those Wonderful Men is a parody of Here’s to the Girls in Ziegfeld Follies. It’s a very funny song by Virginia O’Brien,...
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Let’s Be Buddies song lyrics [Panama Hattie]

Let’s Be Buddies lyrics – music and lyrics by Cole Porter, performed by by Ann Sothern, Jackie Horner, Virginia O’Brien, Alan Mowbray in Panama Hattie Ann Sothern:What say, let’s be buddiesWhat say, let’s be palsWhat say, let’s be buddiesAnd keep up each other’s moralesI may never shout itBut...
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Lady Be Good

Lady Be Good (1941), starring Robert Young, Ann Sothern, Eleanor Powell, Lionel Barrymore, Red Skelton, Virginia O’Brien Synopsis of Lady Be Good In Lady Be Good, married songwriters go through a series of ups and downs over the years, including divorce and remarriage. Review of Lady Be Good...
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Meet the People (1944)

Meet the People(1944) starring Lucille Ball, Dick Powell At its’ heart, Meet the People is a musical romantic comedy, where shipyard worker William ‘Swanee’ Swanson (played by Dick Powell) has written a patriotic play about the American worker during World War II, and actress Julie Hampton (played by Lucille Ball) is...
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Fresh as a Daisy lyrics

Fresh as a Daisy lyrics – music and lyrics by Cole Porter, sung by Virginia O’Brien, with Red Skelton, Rags Ragland, and Ben Blue in Panama Hattie [Virginia O’Brien] I’m fresh as a daisy, hard as a rock, Fit as a fiddle, proud as a cock, Bright as a...
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Editorial review of Gus starring Don Knotts, Tim Conway, Ed Asner, Tom Bosley courtesy of Amazon.com  When Andy, brother of a Yugoslavian soccer hero, brings Gus, a field goal-kicking mule, to the United States as halftime entertainment for a losing Atoms football team, laughs and lasting fame follow. Gus’s intelligent,...
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Salome lyrics

Salome lyrics — €” music by Roger Edens, lyrics by E.Y. Harburg, sung by Virginia O’Brien with Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra in Du Barry Was A Lady
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Say That We’re Sweethearts Again

Song lyrics to “Say That We’re Sweethearts Again” by Dorothy Shay Life used to be a gay thing A filled with happiness, night and day thing It was something to have and to hold But it seems that your love grew cold I never knew that our romance...
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