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Rhythm Romance

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Rhythm Romance, starring Bob Hope, Shirley Ross, Gene Krupa, Una Merkel

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Bob Hope puts his best talents forward as Nicky Nelson, a fast-talking promoter with more angles than a funhouse. Originally titled Some Like It Hot (and since renamed for obvious reasons), the film follows the desperate schemes of a would-be entrepreneur seemingly on the verge of success. He’s got Gene Krupa’s band under his management and he’s in love with aspiring singer Shirley Ross, but after gambling away all his chances he’s left in the cold while his discoveries rise to glory without him, and he has one last shot to prove his worth.

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Thanks for the Memory

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Thanks for the Memory, starring Bob Hope, Shirley Ross, Charless Butterworth, Roscoe Karns, Patricia Wilder

Synopsis of Thanks for the Memory

 Newlywed novelist Steve Merrick (Bob Hope) has his hands full trying to finish his first masterpiece in the romantic classic, Thanks for the Memory. While Steve’s beautiful bride Ann (Shirley Ross) dreams of a better life for them, their eclectic group of friends drop in and ou, keeping Steve away from his typewriter. Meanwhile, Louella (Patricia “Honey Chile” Wilder), a beautiful Southern Belle from next door, keeps meddling into their blissful lives. When Ann resumes her modeling career to allow Steve some freedom, housekeeping gets the best of him causing a muddled mess.

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