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Batman 1943 movie serial, starring Lewis Wilson, Douglas Croft

Batman 1943 serial

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Batman 1943 movie serial, starring Lewis Wilson, Douglas Croft


In many ways, Batman is an interesting, but unremarkable, movie serial from the 1940’s. It’s noteworthy for being the very first Batman movie. Batman/Bruce Wayne and Robin/Dick Grayson are government agents, fighting against Japanese saboteurs.

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It! The Terror from Beyond Space

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It! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958) starring Marshall Thompson, Shawn Smith, Kim Spalding

Synopsis of It! The Terror from Beyond Space

When his crew is brutally murdered on a Mars expedition, Commander Carruthers becomes the prime suspect. Taken into custody and facing a court-martial back on Earth, he discovers that the real killer is a grotesque monster.  “It” has stowed aboard the earthbound ship. But the indestructible creature had already begun a harrowing in-flight rampage, knocking off the members of the crew, one by one. Now, as the spaceship heads home toward a panic-stricken Earth, the remaining crew must find some way to stop the unstoppable…”It! The Terror from Beyond Space”

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The Land Unknown

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The Land Unknown (1957) starring Jock Mahoney, Shirley Patterson, William Reynolds, Henry Brandon, Douglas Kennedy

 The Land Unknown is one of those science fiction movies where good acting is undercut by truly terrible special effects.  At its heart, it’s The Lost World – but with several interesting twists, including a very different character stranded there.

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