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Mighty Joe Young

Mighty Joe Young (1949), starring Terry Moore, Robert Armstrong
Mighty Joe Young (1949), starring Terry Moore, Robert Armstrong On an expedition to Africa, show business promoter Max O’Hara meets Jill Young. She has raised her pet gorilla, Joe, since she was a child. And the promoter wants to use Mighty Joe Young to promote his nightclub. What...
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The Paleface

The Paleface (1948) starring Bob Hope, Jane Russell The Paleface is a classic comedy, set in the Old West, starring Bob Hope and Jane Russell. She’s working undercover to stop a gun smuggling operation. And he’s the witless dentist she marries as her cover. But then she begins...
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Most Dangerous Game

Most Dangerous Game (1932) starring Leslie Banks, Joel McCrea, Fay Wray Most Dangerous Game is set on an isolated island in the South Pacific. A deranged Russian exile hunts a shipwreck victim, since other game bores him.
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King Kong

King Kong (1933) starring Fay Wray, Bruce Cabot, Robert Armstrong To be clear, this is the original King Kong movie, not the 1976 remake, or the more recent remake by Peter Jackson. Both remakes are enjoyable in their own right although I strongly prefer Jackson’s.  This is the...
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