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Two Weeks with Love (1950) starring Jane Powell, Ricardo Montalban

Two Weeks with Love

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Two Weeks with Love stars Jane Powell, Ricardo Montalban – a coming of age story, dealing with jealousy … and corsets! Set in the 19th century, dealing with parents who have to realize that their oldest girl is turning into a young woman …

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Mystery Street

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Mystery Street (1950) starring Ricardo Montalban, Bruce Bennett, Sally Forrest, Elsa Lanchester

Synopsis of Mystery Street

In Mystery Street, a Harvard professor helps a small town policeman when the skeletal remains of a pregnant prostitute turn up on a Massachusetts beach.

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Neptune’s Daughter [Esther Williams]

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Neptune’s Daughter (1949) starring Esther Williams, Ricardo Montalban, Red Skelton, Betty Garrett, Keenan Wynn

Neptune’s Daughter is a laugh out loud funny romantic musical comedy, which I enjoyed immensely.   Although the movie stars the beautiful (and aquatic) Esther Williams and the dashing Ricardo Montalban (one of my favorite actors), the movie comes to life when Red Skelton is onscreen.

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