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Move Over Darling [Doris Day]

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Move Over Darling (1963) starring James Garner, Doris Day, Polly Bergen, Chuck Connors

Doris Day, James Garner and Polly Bergen star in Move Over Darling. A romantic comedy about one groom, two wives, and one crazy, mixed-up honeymoon! Five years after his wife Ellen is lost at sea and presumed dead, Nick is finally ready to remarry. But he’s headed for anything but wedded bliss when Ellen turns up alive … And ready to give first love a second chance – with Nick!

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Half a Hero [Red Skelton]

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Half a Hero (1953), starring Red Skelton, Jean Hagen

Synopsis of Half a Hero, starring Red Skelton, Jean Hagen

In Half a Hero, Red Skelton stars as Ben Dobson, a freelance writer who no sooner starts working full-time as a rewrite man at a magazine then his wife (Jean Hagen) decides that they should have their first child. Afterward, she pushes him into moving from New York City to the suburbs.  Here he is nickel and dimed to the verge of bankruptcy.  Until his boss gives him his first chance at writing his own article for this national magazine.  An article talking about the “slums of tomorrow” — the suburbs

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The Stooge

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The Stooge, starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Polly Bergen

 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis first became famous as a nightclub act, graduating to radio, television and the movies.   It was a very successful partnership, but it was a partnership that had its’ share of tension and personality conflicts.   The movie The Stooge mirrors that conflict, as well as recreating some of their hilarious night club act.

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