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Why Was I Born?

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Song lyrics to Why Was I Born? (1929) music by Jerome Kern, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

Why Was I Born?” is a 1929 song composed by Jerome Kern, with lyrics written by Oscar Hammerstein II. It was written for the show “Sweet Adeline” (1929).

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Ol’ Man River song lyrics [Show Boat]

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Ol’ Man River (1927) lyrics – music by Jerome Kern, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

Ol’ Man River is a song from the 1927 musical Show Boat that contrasts the struggles and hardships of African Americans with the endless, uncaring flow of the Mississippi River. It is sung from the point of view of a black stevedore on a showboat and is the most famous song from the show. It’s also featured in Till the Clouds Roll By.

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Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man

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Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man song lyrics – by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein, performed in ‘Till the Clouds Roll ByShowboat

Oh listen, sister
I love my mister man and I can’t tell you why
Dere ain’t no reason why I should love dat man
It must be sumpin’ dat de angels done plan
De chimbley’s smokin’
De roof is leakin’ in
But he don’t seem to care
He can be happy
With jes’ a sip of gin
I even loves him when his kisses got gin

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Till the Clouds Roll By

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Till the Clouds Roll By (1946) starring Robert Walker, Van Heflin, Paul Langton, Dorothy Patrick

A fictionalized biography of composer Jerome Kern, that begins with a short version of his famous Show Boat musical, with much of his life told in flashback, including his partnership with Oscar Hammerstein. It’s historical accuracy is poor, but Till the Clouds Roll By makes up for it with numerous musical numbers by the great singers of the day.

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Some Enchanted Evening song lyrics

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Some Enchanted Evening song lyrics (1949) from  South Pacific

Lyrics to Some Enchanted Evening – a show tune from the 1949 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical ‘South Pacific’. In the show, it is sung as a solo by Emile de Becque, the French plantation owner, who falls in love with the American navy nurse Nellie Forbush. In this song, he sings of seizing the moment so that it won’t slip away.

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