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Montagu Love

His Double Life (1928) starring Roland Young, Lillian Gish

His Double Life

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In His Double Life, A celebrated painter with anxiety issues finds that his valet has suddenly passed away after an illness. Seeking to insulate himself from the public, he tells a visiting physician that he is the valet instead of himself. The doctor pronounces the artist dead, and in the eyes of he world, he is gone. He then takes on the identity of his former servant to begin a new life.

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The Mysterious Island 1929

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The Mysterious Island 1929 starring Lionel Barrymore, Jacqueline Gadsdon

The Mysterious Island 1929 – idealistic scientist Count Dakkar wants to explore the undersea kingdom, but is betrayed by Baron Falon! His sister kidnapped, his workers captured, killed, or tortured … How can he free them?

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