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American Godzilla (1998), starring Matthew Broderick

Godzilla (1998) starring Matthew Broderick

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movie review of  Godzilla  (1998) starring Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick stars in  Godzilla (1998), which was originally supposed to be the first of a trilogy of films.   However,  film critics were merciless in their criticism of the film. And the American movie public didn’t disagree.   The movie cost 130 million dollars to produce and promote. It made 138 million in its’ U.S.A. release. Not a flop, but not a large success, either.   So what, if anything, is wrong with the film?

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The Thief and the Cobbler

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The Thief and the Cobbler, starring Vincent Price, Matthew Broderick,  Jennifer Beals,  Clive Revill,  Jonathan Winters

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 Directed by Oscar-winning animator Richard Williams (Who Framed Roger Rabbit), The Thief and the Cobbler began production in 1968, so it actually predates 1992’s Aladdin. Also known as The Princess and the Cobbler and Arabian Knight, Fred Calvert completed the film after Williams lost the rights to his dream project. Narrated by Matthew Broderick (replacing Sean Connery) as Tack the Cobbler, the CinemaScope-shot story takes place in ancient Baghdad. When Tack upsets Zigzag the Vizier (Vincent Price), the wizard drags him off to the royal castle, where Princess Yum Yum (Jennifer Beals) falls for the bashful boy and saves him from execution. Unfortunately, Zigzag plans to marry the princess in order to succeed her father, King Nod (Clive Revill). The Thief (Jonathan Winters), meanwhile, is more interested in gold than love and takes off with the protective orbs topping the palace. Read More »The Thief and the Cobbler

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