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Revenge of the Creature [John Agar]

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Revenge of the Creature (1955) starring John Agar, Joan Bromfield, Lori Nelson

Revenge of the Creature. Determined men travel back up the Amazon to capture the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Once found the Creature is stunned by dynamite. Then, the gill-man is transported to Marineland (in Florida) for revival, exhibition and study. Strongly objecting to captivity and jabs from an underwater electric cattle prod, he escapes. However, he tracks down and abducts beautiful lady scientist Helen Dobson. Which sets authorities (led by Professor Clete Ferguson) to dog his heels

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Pardners (1956) starring Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin

Synopsis of Pardners

In Pardners, Rich momma’s boy Wade Kingsley Jr. an Eastern dude, tries to follow in his murdered father’s footsteps.  He returns to the West to partner up with Slim Moseley Jr.,the son of his father’s former partner. Wade overcomes Slim’s initial reluctance to accept him … By using his fortune to buy a prize cow and new car to help Slim.   Slim works as foreman on the Kingsley family ranch, currently under siege by a gang of outlaws called ‘masked raiders’. Wade generously tries to pay off the ranch’s mortgage with $15,000 of his own money.  But unfortunately neither ‘pardner’ realizes banker Dan Hollis’ secret.  He’s the son of their fathers’ murderer, and is the leader of the gang.

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