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Terror is a Man (1959), starring Richard Derr, Richard Derr, Greta Thyssen

Terror is a Man

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Terror is a Man (1959), starring Francis Lederer, Richard Derr, Richard Derr, Greta Thyssen

Synopsis of Terror is a Man

Terror is a Man.  A shipwreck survivor washes ashore on a mysterious island.  But the bizarre experiments of a renegade scientist unleash a bloodthirsty man-beast.

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Journey to the Seventh Planet

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Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962) starring John Agar, Greta Thyssen

Synopsis of Journey to the Seventh Planet

  Journey to the Seventh Planet is a campy science fiction movie.  It’s set in the “distance future” of 2001. In this utopia, the United Nations now rules the planet. And poverty and war are gone.  Humanity now has the resources to explore their solar system. By this time, humanity has explored most of the solar system. Except for the seventh planet, Uranus. So they send a team to explore …  But instead of a lifeless world, they find … a Danish village?

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