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The Cabinet of Caligari (1962), starring Glynis Johns

The Cabinet of Caligari (1962)

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The Cabinet of Caligari (1962), starring Glynis Johns

 First off, it needs to be noted that this is not a remake of the classic horror film.  It is, instead, more of a psychological thriller.  The Cabinet of Dr. Calibari begins with young Jane (played by the lovely Glynis Johns – the mother in  Mary Poppins, the heroine in  The Court Jester) driving along, and having a tire blowout. She walks for what seems like hours until she happens upon a house.  Where she is taken in by the titular Dr. Caligari (Dan O’Herlihy). But the next day, when she wants to leave, she finds she cannot.  She is a prisoner in the house, along with several others — and the doctor’s staff.

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Papa’s Delicate Condition

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Papa’s Delicate Condition (1963) starring Jackie Gleason, Glynis Johns, Charles Ruggles, Linda Bruhl

In Papa’s Delicate Condition, t the turn of the century in a small Texas town an amiable family man gets in a scrape when he drinks too much.

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Dear Brigitte

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Dear Brigitte (1965) starring Jimmy Stewart, Glynis Johns, Billy Mumy, Fabian, Ed Wynn, Jesse White

Dear Brigitte is a funny family comedy, dealing with the Leaf family, headed by Dr. Robert Leaf (Jimmy Stewart).  He’s the proverbial absent-minded professor, a poet who loves art and music, and dislikes the hard sciences.  When his young son Erasmus (Billy Mumy) turns out to be a mathematical prodigy, it causes him no end of consternation.  Vina Leaf (Glynis Johns)  plays the loving mother.  Cindy Carol plays the older sister (who uses her brother’s math skills to do her homework.  And later the homework of her boyfriend, Fabian, which leads to people wanting to use him to win at the race track.

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