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Fascinating Rhythm lyrics

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Fascinating Rhythm lyrics – as performed in the movie Lady Be Good – (1924) Music by George Gershwin, lyrics by Ira Gershwin

Got a little rhythm, a rhythm, a rhythm
That pit a pats through my brain
So darn persistent
The day isn’t distant
When it’ll drive me insane
Comes in the morning
Without any warning
And hangs around me all day
I’ll have to sneak up to it
Someday, and speak up to it
I hope it listens when I sayRead More »Fascinating Rhythm lyrics

Lady Be Good

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Lady Be Good (1941), starring Robert Young, Ann Sothern, Eleanor Powell, Lionel Barrymore, Red Skelton, Virginia O’Brien

Synopsis of Lady Be Good

In Lady Be Good, married songwriters go through a series of ups and downs over the years, including divorce and remarriage.

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Broadway Melody of 1938

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movie review of Broadway Melody of 1938 (1937), starring Robert Taylor, Eleanor Powell, Buddy Ebsen, Billy Gilbert, Judy Garland

Synopsis of Broadway Melody of 1938

Steve Raleigh (Robert Taylor) wants to produce a show on Broadway. He finds a financial backer, Herman Whipple as well as a dancing leading lady, Sally Lee (Eleanor Powell). But Whipple’s scheming wife, Caroline, wants to force Steve to use a known star, not a newcomer. In a subplot, Sally (a former farm girl, who used to train horses on her parents’ farm before they lost everything in the Depression) purchases a horse and with two ex-vaudevillians, Sonny Ledford and Peter Trott (Buddy Ebsen), she trains it to win a race, providing the money Steve needs for his show.

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Hawaiian War Chant lyrics

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Hawaiian War Chant  lyrics (Ta-Hu-Wa-Ha-Hai) (1936) music by Johnny Noble and Prince Leleiohoku  (based on Prince Leleiohaku’s 1860 song, “Kaua i ka Huahua’i” € ( “We Two in the Spray”), performed in Ship Ahoy by Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra with Buddy Rich on drums, Danced by Eleanor Powell and chorus girls

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I Dood It [Red Skelton, Eleanor Powell]

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movie review of I Dood It! (1943) starring Red Skelton, Eleanor Powell, directed by Vincente Minelli

 The movie I Dood It! is a musical comedy, dealing with a romance between two unlikely people – stage star Constance €œConnie € Show (played by Eleanor Powell), and pants presser at a hotel Joe Renolds (played by Red Skelton), with lots of comedy and musical numbers in-between.

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