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In Person [Ginger Rogers]

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In Person (1935) starring Ginger Rogers, George Brent


In Person is the story of Miss Carol Corliss, a beautiful movie star so insecure about her fame, that she goes around in disguise. She later meets a rugged outdoors man who is unaffected by her star status. And pursued by her frequent co-star, who likes her. But doesn’t respect her acting ability.

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Young Folks Should Get Married song lyrics

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Song lyrics to Young Folks Should Get Married, Music by Harry Warren, Lyrics by Dorothy Fields, Sung by Howard Keel and Esther Williams in Texas Carnival

Howard Keel:
My ma was seventeen the day that she and Pa got wed,
When I was ten, gosh even then they were oh so nice,
Now and again I sit beside them on their big old bed,
And Ma and Pa are always full of good advice. For instance:

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