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Flying Down to Rio (1933) starring Dolores Del Rio, Gene Raymond, Raul Roulien, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers

Flying Down to Rio

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Synopsis of Flying Down to Rio

Flying down to Rio is an RKO musical, built around a romantic triangle.  The main characters are played by Dolores del Rio, Gene Raymond and Raul Roulien. But it’s remembered for the third- and fourth-billed couple.  Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are paired for the first time, and steal the show. When the film ends, the last image we see isn’t the leads. It’s Fred and Ginger.

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Bird of Paradise [Joel McCrea]

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Bird of Paradise (1932), starring Joel McCrea, Dolores del Río

Bird of Paradise – Dolores Del Rio, Joel McCrea. A wealthy playboy falls for a stunning Polynesian princess when his yacht crashes into a coral reef. But each must overcome the prejudices and traditions of their own kind that threaten to pull them apart.

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