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High Sierra (1941) starring Humphrey Bogart, Ida Lupino, Cornel Wilde

High Sierra

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High Sierra (1941) starring Humphrey Bogart, Ida Lupino High Sierra stars Humphrey Bogart as a self-destructive ex-con. He’s “just rushing toward death” after an attempted… Read More »High Sierra

Gargoyles (1972)

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In Gargoyles, An anthropologist and his daughter disturb a monster’s skeleton in Mexico. But the surviving monsters want their friends’ skeleton back

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Woman’s World

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Woman’s World, (1954) starring Clifton Webb, Lauren Bacall, Fred MacMurray, Cornel Wilde, June Allyson, Van Heflin, Arlene Dahl

Synopsis of Woman’s World

In Woman’s World, the chairman of a large automobile maker is left to find a new second in command. Believing that an executive’s wife is crucial to her husband’s success he examines each of the men’s spouses to learn about the candidates through their relationships. Clifton Webb, June Allyson, Van Heflin, and Lauren Bacall star in this 1954 classic.

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Leave Her to Heaven

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Leave Her to Heaven (1945) starring Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde, Jean Crain, Vincent Price

reviewed by The Masked Reviewer

 Richard Harland (Cornel Wilde) elopes with a charming young socialite Ellen Berent (Gene Tierney). Only to find her family surprised by his appearance more than the sudden marriage. All seems to be going well for the happy couple until Richard decides to invite his little brother Danny (Darryl Hickman) to Ellen’s special summer home. Danny’s visit changes into Danny moving in permanently. All Ellen wants is to live a quiet happy life with Richard. Richard doesn’t understand that so he also invites her mother, and cousin to live with them for the summer. Ellen can’t stand this invasion of privacy anymore. You must watch Leave Her to Heaven for yourself. Because it has one of the finest portrayals of madness in film. This is an excellent film.

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Road House

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Editorial review of Road House (1948) courtesy of

Road House has acquired a cult as a prime film noir. Certainly the title location is archetypal, a lounge and bowling alley up toward the Canadian border, and Ida Lupino and Richard Widmark make the most of flavorful roles that would qualify them as exemplary noir denizens even if they hadn’t established that elsewhere. Read More »Road House

The Greatest Show on Earth

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The Greatest Show on Earth (1952) starring Charlton Heston, Jimmy Stewart, Cornell Wilde, Betty Hutton

DVD review of “The Greatest Show on Earth” stars Charlton Heston, Betty Hutton, James Stewart.   In order to ensure a full profitable season, circus manager Brad Braden (Charlton Heston) engages The Great Sebastian (Cornell Wilde). Even though this moves his girlfriend Holly from her hard-won center trapeze spot. Holly and Sebastian begin a dangerous one-upmanship duel in the ring, while he pursues her on the ground. Subplots involve the secret past of Buttons the Clown (Jimmy Stewart). Also, the efforts of racketeers to move in on the game concessions. Let the show begin!

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The Comic

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The Comic (1969) starring Dick Van Dyke, Michelle Lee, Mickey Rooney, Carl Reiner

movie review of ‘The Comic‘, a little-known film by Dick Van Dyke and Carl Reiner.  It’s about the life of an early silent film clown, the fictional Billy Bright, and his self-destructive behavior that destroyed his career.   A funny, poignant, and recommended film — read on to find out why!

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