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Blood Of The Vampire (1958) starring Donald Wolfit, Vincent Ball, Barbara Shelley

Blood Of The Vampire

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Blood Of The Vampire (1958) starring Donald Wolfit, Vincent Ball, Barbara Shelley

Blood of the Vampire deals with a mad scientist, working as the governor of a prison. He uses the inmates as guinea pigs for his experiments …

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The Gorgon

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The Gorgon (1964) starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee


The Gorgon – In a rural village, a series of murders have been committed where each victim was turned into stone. A local professor investigates and finds an evil Gorgon haunting a nearby castle and in search of more victims.

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Cat Girl

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Cat Girl (1957) starring Barbara Shelley, Robert Ayres, John Lee

In Cat Girl, a young woman inherits a family curse from her strange uncle. She transforms into a murderous feline when angered.

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Quatermass and the Pit

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Quatermass and the Pit (1967) aka Five Million Years to Earth (1967) starring James Donald, Andrew Keir, Barbara Shelley

Synopsis of Quatermass and the Pit

While digging an extension in the London underground, workers come across skeletal remains. Construction is halted and paleontologist Dr. Matthew Roney’s team take over. They soon find a metal object that they initially think might be a bomb But it turns out to be an alien spacecraft of some kind. Roney’s assistant Barbara Judd and Professor Bernard Quatermass (Andrew Keir), a rocket specialist who does experimental work for the Ministry of Defence, discover that much of the housing around the site was abandoned by its inhabitants 40 years ago because of strange noises and what was believed to be ghosts. Inside the spacecraft, they find the remnants of insect-like creatures, all now dead. In disturbing the craft, however, they release an invisible force of immense power. …Quatermass and the Pit

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Village of the Damned

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Village of the Damned (1960) starring George Sanders, Barbara Shelley, Michael Gwynn

Synopsis of Village of the Damned

Village of the DamnedAt a quiet little village in England, something odd has happened — everyone in the village has fallen asleep. Everyone who enters, or flies over, also falls asleep. And afterward, every woman in the village of child-bearing age finds herself pregnant. All of the children born are blond, with strange eyes, who mature extremely rapidly. And they seem … unworldly.

Review of Village of the Damned

The Village of the Damned is a great many things – science fiction, cold war paranoia, a story of longing for family. But at its heart, it’s about people – like all great stories. And every time I watch it, my heart breaks for George Sanders.

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