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Blondie’s Big Moment

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Blondie’s Big Moment (1947) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake

In Blondie’s Big Moment, Dagwood’s demoted at the office — again. The new boss has a fussy client, is bothered by a friend of Dagwood’s son, and has a romantic conflict! Then …

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The Gorilla

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The Gorilla (1939) starring the Ritz Brothers, Bela Lugosi, Lionel Atwill, Edward Norris, Anita Louise

In short,  The Gorilla is a “haunted house” mystery. Lionel Atwill’s character is threatened to become the next victim of “The Gorilla” — a serial killer.   His niece drops in to visit with her fiance. And she announces that they’ll be married in two days. Adding to the creepiness of the house is the butler, Peters, and Patsy Keller as the easily-frightened maid round out the household staff.  Peters is played by Bela Lugosi. He is half the reason to watch the film.  As I watched  The Gorilla with my children, they were all convinced that he must be doing something villainous … Lionel Atwill has hired detectives–the Ritz Brothers–to safeguard him … despite their comical ineptness.

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